Does the Bible claim that Jesus’ father Joseph had 2 different fathers?

I want to tackle a simple “contradiction” that some people seem to think exists in the Bible. As you know, I believe that the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God (as the Scriptures teach, and history has proven). Anytime a person says, “I have found a contradiction in the Bible” be very careful. That person has probably taken his/her information from another person and neither one of them has actually studied the source, the Bible. There are many, many so called “contradictions” in the Bible that can easily be disproved by a little inductive study of the text. Others require that you have a knowledge of the cultural context of Biblical times. If you really want to know how to study any passage of the Bible, both simple and difficult ones, then I would recommend that you learn the Inductive Bible study method. A great tool to teach this method is “How to study the Bible” by Kay Arthur.

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