Teachers, children, and homosexuality

Do you know who your child’s teachers are? Do you know if your children are being taught by homosexuals? Homosexuality is a  degrading passion that is learned and taught, not inborn. Take a look at what Genesis 19 says about “teaching” homosexuality to others.

4 Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter ; 5 and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight ? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.” (Genesis 19)

As you can see, the older men were teaching the younger men about the degrading passion of homosexuality. So, the fact that homosexuals want to teach in the public schools today, as well as participate in curriculum writing, should not be a surprise. This happens because homosexuals want to influence young people. Here are some stats on homosexuality and teachers. Keeping in mind what we saw in Genesis 19, this should not surprise anyone.

56% of homosexual adults and 18% of adult heterosexuals admit, “I have  had a homosexual teacher”

12% of men and 4% of women admit, “My teacher made sexual advances on me”

1/5 of those who have had a homosexual teacher admit, “I was directly influenced by my teacher to view homosexuality as socially acceptable”

4% of adults affirm that, “their homosexual teacher influenced them, convincing them to try the  homosexual lifestyle”

1% of adults affirm that “as students, they experienced sexual relations with at least one of their homosexual  public school teachers”

8% of the respondents admit that their first sexual experience was with a public school teacher and some of these experiences were homosexual

of the 49 respondents who admitted to having sexual relations with a teacher, 12 were homosexual experiences

More proof that homosexuality is promoted in the public schools:


Alexander Stojsavljevic, who attended the Parma  City Schools, has won the $50,000 Scholarship Grand Prize for the “Stop the Hate” essay contest at the Maltz Museum.  Alexander who is an “Out” youth wrote a moving essay about his experience dealing with hatred and bullying.  Our LGBT community should be very proud and inspired by this future leader.

Do you see how students are being bombarded from every angle, being coaxed into believing that homosexuality is okay, that it is not dangerous, just an alternative lifestyle?

Here is what the young man wrote:

Throughout middle school and my freshman year I constantly heard the words “faggot,” “homo,” and “queer.”

Interestingly enough, homosexuals are the ones who call born again Christians names like “homophobe” “hatemonger” “primitive” “fundi” etc. This young man is praised because he points out that “some” people called him names while at the same time, if homosexuals and their “friends” call Christians names, everything is okay, they are even considered brave.

I even had a rock thrown at me. All of these events led to my attempted suicide in April 2009.

What kid has not had rocks thrown at him? As a kid, I also had rocks thrown at me but that did not lead me to suicide. Maybe it was the guilt of living a lifestyle that is contrary to God that led to the attempted suicide.

 I co-created a Gay Straight Alliance at my school.

Another way of promoting the homosexual lifestyle among the kids of the public school.

we held a gay rights rally at city hall to show the city our pride

I thought sexuality was a private matter? I thought homosexuals wanted everyone to “stay out of their bedrooms”?

I would like to have a “Bullying Awareness” week implemented where students and teachers discuss different aspects of bullying and how it greatly affects students. My hope is also to change the anti-discrimination policy for my school district so that it includes “sexual orientation” in its protected class.

Here we go again trying to change laws and impose the homosexual lifestyle on others.

It is my hope to create a world free of hatred and harassment but I know I can not do it alone

This will happen when homosexuals stop hating born again Christians for not agreeing with their (homosexual) lifestyle.

As we can see, homosexuality is a learned lifestyle and must be propagated in order to recruit the next generation of homosexuals. God condemns this lifestyle, those who live it and also those who promote it. Are you going to be deceived by the lies and propaganda tactics or will you stand for truth and share the Gospel with homosexuals, rejecting the lies of the homosexual agenda?

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  3. The whole world should be free. Teachers are the best people for the problems of parents to children because they are closer. Teachers are confident.

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