Capital Punishment vs. Abortion

I have written on capital punishment and the need for it, as well as the dangers of abortion. The usual rebuttal to the idea of murderers and rapists (there would be no repeat offenders in the area of rape if we applied God’s Law) being executed for their crimes is “that is just barbaric” or “what if the accused is actually innocent?” These sound like valid points (if you do not value the life of the victim) yet upon further questioning, those same people who apply these rebuttals usually do not see abortion as being “barbaric” and it does not matter to them that the baby in the mother’s womb is “innocent”. Can we say “hypocritical”? Two things I would like to analyze with capital punishment and abortion: 1) Capital punishment causes the guilty to pay and the life of the victim to be honored, as well as takes preventative measures for future murders and rapes (fewer victims) 2) Abortion causes the innocent to suffer and the guilty to be praised (exercising your right to choose, although, the babies “choice” does not seem to be that important). What are your thoughts on this subject? I have started a conversation with a group of people who are extreme anti-capital punishment yet extreme pro abortion. I will post the findings of the discussion at a later date.