More proof that homosexuality is promoted in the public schools


Alexander Stojsavljevic, who attended the Parma  City Schools, has won the $50,000 Scholarship Grand Prize for the “Stop the Hate” essay contest at the Maltz Museum.  Alexander who is an “Out” youth wrote a moving essay about his experience dealing with hatred and bullying.  Our LGBT community should be very proud and inspired by this future leader.”

I just wrote an article about homosexuality and public school teachers. Do you see how students are being bombarded from every angle, being coaxed into believing that homosexuality is okay, that it is not dangerous, just an alternative lifestyle?

Here is what the young man wrote:

Throughout middle school and my freshman year I constantly heard the words “faggot,” “homo,” and “queer.”

Interestingly enough, homosexuals are the ones who call born again Christians names like “homophobe” “hatemonger” “primitive” “fundi” etc. This young man is praised because he points out that “some” people called him names while at the same time, if homosexuals and their “friends” call Christians names, everything is okay, they are even considered brave.

“I even had a rock thrown at me. All of these events led to my attempted suicide in April 2009.”

What kid has not had rocks thrown at him? As a kid, I also had rocks thrown at me but that did not lead me to suicide. Maybe it was the guilt of living a lifestyle that is contrary to God that led to the attempted suicide.

 I co-created a Gay Straight Alliance at my school.

Another way of promoting the homosexual lifestyle among the kids of the public school.

we held a gay rights rally at city hall to show the city our pride

I thought sexuality was a private matter? I thought homosexuals wanted everyone to “stay out of their bedrooms”?

” I would like to have a “Bullying Awareness” week implemented where students and teachers discuss different aspects of bullying and how it greatly affects students. My hope is also to change the anti-discrimination policy for my school district so that it includes “sexual orientation” in its protected class.”

Here we go again trying to change laws and impose the homosexual lifestyle on others.

“It is my hope to create a world free of hatred and harassment but I know I can not do it alone”

This will happen when homosexuals stop hating born again Christians for not agreeing with their (homosexual) lifestyle.

As we can see, homosexuality is a learned lifestyle and must be propagated in order to recruit the next generation of homosexuals. God condemns this lifestyle, those who live it and also those who promote it. Are you going to be deceived by the lies and propaganda tactics or will you stand for truth and share the Gospel with homosexuals, rejecting the lies of the homosexual agenda?

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  1. its christians like you that make me want to puke. alexander will change things for the better whether you and you fellow christian follwers like it or not. you are the type of people who are making this world a horrible place. don’t like the truth about about you scummy christians? i hope satan rapes you in hell for your ignorance.

    • There are lots of things that make me want to puke but not people. Lies (like the ones promoted by homosexuals) make me want to puke. Alexander has been deceived by the lies of the homosexual movement and I would be willing to bet that he has a history of abuse (probably sexual) dating back to his childhood (common among teens who choose to be homosexual).

      How am I making the world a horrible place? (by telling the truth about the dangers of homosexuality?)

      What truth are you talking about?

      i hope satan rapes you in hell for your ignorance.

      This is exactly what I was talking about, homosexuals and their friends attacking people who do not agree with their dangerous lifestyle.

      • Aren’t you doing the same exact thing? Attack someone who doesn’t believe the things that you do?

      • EXCUSE ME? You’re the biggest hypocrite ever, you’re truly a scum bag, and you know what? For doing this YOU WILL ROT IN YOUR FAKE . . . HELL. Anyways, back to you being a hypocrite, you make an article being extremely rude, and making fun of someone who is gay. And you said “This is exactly what I was talking about, homosexuals and their friends attacking people who do not agree with their dangerous lifestyle.” So, I could say the same thing about you. This is exactly what I’m talking about, Christians who attack gay people, becuase they can’t accept the fact that people ARE born gay, will always be gay,and will one day have rights. They’re humans too.

      • “Biggest hypocrite ever”???

        And the name calling continues. Did you even read the article? You do exactly what I accuse homosexuals and their friends of doing (claiming to be victims but actually you are the aggressors).

        How is it possible to rot in a fake hell (logic please).

        What is rude about pointing out facts?

        How is telling the truth about the dangers of homosexuality, making fun of someone?

        What could you say about me? Where did I attack someone? I attacked the idea, the information, not the person.

        Do you have any proof that homosexuals are born gay? Can you point to evidence of the gay gene?

        Homosexuals do have rights. They are protected under the law just like I am.

  2. What does this have to do with born again Christians? I see a young man using the experience of his hardship in order to make his community a better place. If you’re going to write about something please be responsible and have at least a supported opinion not a blatant attack. Please be professional and stop whining when you have nothing to whine about.

    • It has everything to do with being a born again Christian. As a believer I see the dangers of homosexuality and how you people are being manipulated into believing lies. I have to stand up against lies by pointing them out and revealing the truth.

      How is convincing people to accept a dangerous lifestyle making his community a better place?

      If you bother reading the article, you would see the support (plus the links). I am sure those little details escaped your “hawk eye”.

      • But he is not forcing homosexual ideals on anybody he is saying people shouldn’t be bullied based on they’re personal beliefs. It’s like when I’m bullied for being Catholic for example. I don’t ask people to convert or anything. It’s all perspective. People don’t like Catholic ideals therefore they have to persecute me who did nothing? That’s not cool it’s attacking me personally for nothing and should be stopped. I think you’re looking too far into this. And what “people” are you grouping me in with out of curiosity? Oh, and I didn’t say “hawk eye” don’t use quotes. ^^

      • “people shouldn’t be bullied based on they’re personal beliefs”

        I am bullied constantly because of my personal beliefs. I get called all kinds of terrible names (see most of the comments written by homosexuals and atheists). So, it seems to me that you propose a double standard (one for homosexuals and another for born again Christians), is that correct?

        Constantly promoting something that is not true is propaganda (see Hitler’s quote on telling lies loud enough and long enough). This is exactly what the homosexual agenda is, present homosexuality in every way possible as something beneficial (even though it is dangerous). I see the manipulation and want to point out the lies with the facts (truth).

        God groups those who practice homosexuality, those who defend homosexuality, those who promote homosexuality, and those who are apathetic to the sin of homosexuality all in the same category.

  3. Have fun being a huge douche your entire life while Alex wins scholarships and has the support of an entire community. Honestly, I won’t even attempt to argue with you because people that are as narrow minded as you will never have an actual conversation. Just please, leave your thoughts to your friends, family, and fanatic churchgoers because nobody is believing this . . . that you are posting online.

    • And the name calling continues. Unfortunately, Alex, if he continues to live the homosexual lifestyle, will probably end up with HIV/AIDS or a plethora of other STD’s common to homosexuals.

      I am pretty sure he does not have the support of the “entire” community (seems more like propaganda from you). I am sure the true Christians of the community would disagree with you.

      You seem to be very narrow minded when it comes to those who do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle.

      There is forgiveness for both you and Alex, if you would just humble yourselves, turn away from your sins, and submit to God.

      • people that aren’t gay can get HIV/AIDS. if you were educated enough you would know that diseases like that are spread through unprotected sex through any sexuality. But I should have known better than to expect that you would know that.

      • I am educated so you can leave the childish remarks behind (back in the 1st grade). What you call unprotected sex is called immorality (any form of sex that is not between a husband and his wife). Yes, immoral heterosexuals are also at risk for HIV/AIDS yet the risk is much higher among homosexuals (study the facts, since you are so well “educated”). So what is your point? Immorality is dangerous in the form of heterosexuality as well as homosexuality. You just further prove my point.

      • Many immoral straight people get AIDS. Also, homosexuals are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

      • What kind of “other plethora of STD’s”? In case you didn’t know, 1 in every 2 Americans has some sort of STD in their life (including HIV and AIDS). AMERICANS. NOT JUST HOMOSEXUALS. Know your facts.

        And you throw the term “propaganda” around a lot. Do you even know what that word means?

        prop·a·gan·da   /ˌprɒpəˈgændə
        1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
        2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
        3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
        4. Roman Catholic Church .
        a. a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.
        b. a school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.
        5. Archaic . an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda.
        1710–20; < Neo-Latin, short for congregātiō dē propāgandā fidē congregation for propagating the faith; propāgandā, ablative singular feminine gerundive of propāgāre; see propagate

        That is directly from the dictionary. So it makes more sense, BY DEFINITION, that what YOU are saying and doing is propaganda.

        And I must say, I honestly laughed when you said "You seem to be very narrow minded when it comes to those who do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle." You, sir, are very narrow minded when it comes to those who DO agree and find no harm in the homosexual lifestyle. Quite hypocritical, don't you think?

        And we do not want forgiveness. If supporting love and peace and being a good person means I will spend an eternity in hell, well. So be it. I'd rather spend my time doing good while I'm alive than preaching and telling everyone else how full of sin and evil they are just for the hopes of a possible "heavenly" afterlife. I think that's selfish, conceited, and honestly, extremely cowardly.

        You call supporting Alex sin, I call it love and acceptance. And, truth be told, I like my position a lot better than yours.

      • I have written on the diseases that homosexuals are prone to have as well as the diseases that immoral heterosexuals are prone to have. Immorality is immorality, whether homo or hetero and they are both condemned. A moral heterosexual is almost 100% protected from STD’s. It is not 100% because there is the chance of being raped by an immoral hetero or homosexual. I presented the facts and you gave your opinion as facts. Do you have facts to show that 1 out of 2 Americans has an STD? That would be half the population, you do realize that, right?

        “information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc”

        This perfectly describes the homosexual agenda and what it does. Thanks for proving my point 😉

        Pointing out the facts is not propaganda. Facts help destroy propaganda.

        I am narrow minded toward sin. Sin destroys and how could a person be tolerant to something that causes so much physical harm to others?

        The pro homo crowd is the one that claims to be “open-minded” although the evidence shows that they are not. I am very intolerant of sin (I have never stated otherwise). I think that you need to study the definition of hypocrite, a little more.

        You do not have to accept God’s forgiveness, that is your choice. But why would you stop others from having the chance to hear the message of forgiveness, to be able to accept it? That is very undemocratic of you, stopping others from even having a chance to make a decision. Maybe you would prefer communist China (choices are much more limited there, which seems to be what you prefer).

        What is your definition of a “good” person? According to whose standard is one “good”?

        How is telling others that a dangerous lifestyle is okay? How is that love? It seems to me to be more like hatred, since you encourage people to practice a deadly lifestyle.

      • So, your’e saying that if homosexuals only ever have one partner, then it’s ok?

        Because if two gay men only have sex with each other, their chance of getting aids is nearly zero.

      • Sorry, homosexuality is an abomination (shameful act) before God, even if they are “monogamous”. There are other dangers to homosexual sex other than just STD’s.

      • There are other dangers to homosexual sex other than just STD’s.

        I’m curious – do you have an example from the real world? That is, other than something that you believe happens after death, because we’re pretty much diagonally opposed on our views about that.

      • You may find this article interesting. It has stuff on STD’s but there is a lot of other info.

        The afterlife does not depend on you believing in it or not. It is not a “relative” concept. You can choose not to believe and I am all for your freedom to choose. Just remember, when you do come face to face with God, many have tried to warn you about it and you seem to just shrug it off.

  4. I am strongly upset by this. I personally am good friends with Alex. Did you ever think how this would affect him? I do not agree with your beliefs, but I respect them. A practice which I honestly believe you would greatly benefit from. There are so many terrible things in the world, and here you are; trying to make a big deal out of a trivial matter. Alex is a kind, caring, loving person. A GOOD person. So why should it matter if he likes men or women? It shouldn’t. Because the fact of the matter is, he’s there for anyone when they need him. He is a strong individual and I am so proud of him for taking everything he has gone through (including things such having to deal with hateful messages such as yours) and turn them into positives. I do have a question, though. Do you even know Alex? Do you know what kind of person he is? Or do you simply condemn him for one small part of who he is? Do you know him as a whole? I will not attack your personal beliefs, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t do that to others. No one cares about your personal beliefs. Keep them to yourself, please.


    • I hope that this will cause him to think about how is has been deceived and manipulated by the sin of homosexuality. I pray that he will come to his senses and turn to God, allowing Him to set him free from the homosexual lifestyle before it is too late.

      I never said that I do not respect Alex or any homosexual. I am not against homosexuals (people), but I am against the sin of homosexuality because it is very dangerous to the one who practices it as well as society as a whole. There is a huge difference between disagreeing and respecting.

      What is trivial about the dangers of homosexuality? It is a matter of life and death. That is not a trivial thing. I would advise you to think about what you are trying to communicate.

      Alex may be a “good” person according to “your” standard but how does he measure up to God’s standard? Alex can do whatever he wants in the privacy of his own bedroom. It is when he takes his gay lifestyle to the public, that is where I am concerned. I am part of the public. He is campaigning to “inform” people of homosexuality (a very dangerous lifestyle).

      I never said that I hated Alex, that is what you are saying. I pointed out the facts. Plus, as I have written, I pray for Alex, that he will repent and turn away from the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality.

      “No one cares about your personal beliefs. Keep them to yourself, please.”

      So Alex and other homosexuals should be allowed to share their beliefs openly with the public yet I should be silent. I see a huge double standard on your part.

      • You think you’re clever, don’t you? Just a question; what college did you go to? What research and studies have you published proving what you’re saying to be true? Googling something doesn’t count…

        And I have nothing against you preaching your beliefs. I will choose to ignore them, but that’s just me. But when you attack (and yes, you are attacking Alex) then I have a problem. Say whatever you want to the public (and don’t get upset if they don’t agree). But don’t take Alex’s happy moment and publicly humiliate him over the internet. You are calling out an individual. That’s more than just attacking homosexuality as a whole.

        And I never said you “hated” Alex. I said “condemn”. There is a difference.

        Also, I’m just wondering. Because you follow the Bible so wholeheartedly and to a t, how do you feel about what should be done to homosexuals? About rape? About women in general? About slavery? You can’t pick and choose parts of the Bible to preach and practice.

        And yes, by “my” standards Alex is a “good” person. And I don’t beleive in a God, so that’s pretty much all that matters to me. I honestly don’t care what you think about that. And in all honesty, I doubt anyone who you are “praying for” wants you to. I’m simply pointing that out.

  5. i’m sorry, but what are the “dangers” of homosexuality? are they going to create a mass genocide of everyone who isn’t gay? are they going to burn crosses in our yards and kill people that aren’t like them?
    OH WAIT! people that did things like that were Christian! Not Gay!

    people like you make me ashamed to be a christian.

    alex has accomplished more in the past week than you have/probably will have in your entire life. the fact that you blatantly attacked him for winning a competition that is against HATE makes you look even worse as a human being. clearly you have no idea what it’s like to be terrorized your entire life for being yourself; clearly you have no idea what it’s like wanting to kill yourself because other people don’t like you. people like YOU are the reason that others want to end their lives. good luck being ignorant the rest of your life, it won’t get you far.

    • “i’m sorry, but what are the “dangers” of homosexuality?”

      I have written on the subject and actually included a link in the article. If you really are interested in the subject, then click on the links that I included.

      True Christians do not commit mass genocide (unlike the pro abortion crowd). True Christians do not burn crosses or murder people. Again, I think you have confused Christians with atheists.

      “people like you make me ashamed to be a christian.”

      If you agree with and promote the sin of homosexuality as an alternative, normal lifestyle then you can drop the Christian title (because that is all that it is with you).

      How did I “attack” him? I do not believe that pointing out facts is the same thing as attacking. Maybe you should study up a bit on the difference between those 2 subjects. BTW, what if an Evangelical Christian would have written a very similar essay (not about being homosexual) about his struggles as a born again Christian (being persecuted, attacked, etc), do you think that he would have won? (I doubt it).

      Wow, I never said that I hated Alex or any other homosexual. I do hate the sin of homosexuality. Do you understand the difference?

      So, according to you, telling the truth makes a person a bad human being? I do not understand your logic here.

      Alex could avoid all the problems and dangers that go along with the homosexual lifestyle if he would allow God to change him.

      I would never encourage anyone to end his/her life. I have the hope that can help every person (even Alex).

      You accuse me of being ignorant, could I see some evidence other than your opinion?

  6. If your god tells me to hate people simply because of their sexual orientation, it is not something I want to believe in. I’d rather be gay than be like you- I’m willing to accept other people for who they are. You can chat on your blogs with your wife and 3 friends who you go to church with. The people that don’t support Alex are people with twisted mindsets like yourself. It is funny that you think you are some hero sent down from from heaven, preaching the word of god to us.

    • Disagreeing with a dangerous lifestyle and hating people are 2 different things, I believe that you are a bit confused about which is which. Grab a dictionary and look the 2 concepts up, it’s for your own good 😉

      I am also willing to accept other people for who they are, but that still does not mean that I will not share the truth about the gay lifestyle. God accepts people as they are yet with the purpose of changing them for their own good.

      What is twisted about disagreeing with a dangerous lifestyle? I would say that a twisted mindset is the one that sees the facts about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle and then promotes that lifestyle anyway.

      Jesus Christ is the hero. I am just one of the countless number of people who have been transformed by Him (maybe you should look into Him yourself).

  7. Be right back, I’m going to write a blog bashing people like you that scour the news to spread their message of “the lord”. I am done here. Having a rational conversation with someone as irrational as you is a lost cause.

      • Your “facts” are twisted. I would like to see some studies that are not bias and are done with a wider study group that maybe 10 people. You have to look into things like that, too.

  8. I’m not sure what you think gives you the right to judge people. The christian church I was raised in taught me God is the only person who is capable of judging others. Alex is a wonderful young man with only good intentions and everyone who actaully knows him will agree I am sure unlike people like you who have only read his article you can not simply even begin to know the true Alex. I know I can speak for myself, along with everyone else when I say you should find a hobby that will help you better yourself (instead of looking like a fool) and leave others alone.

    • “I’m not sure what you think gives you the right to judge people.”

      Pointing out the facts and judging are 2 different things. I would study up on the 2 subjects as not to confuse them in the future (it is for your own good).

      “The christian church I was raised in taught me God is the only person who is capable of judging others.”

      If your “Christian” Church taught you that God was a person then, well, that tells us what we need to know about your “Church”.

      You are right, God is the only One who can judge and He has judged the sin of homosexuality. I am just informing those who have not yet received the memo.

      As they say, the path to hell is paved with “good” intentions. Alex is a good person according to whose standard? (yours or God’s)

      Again, just pointing out the facts and the dangers of what is happening.

  9. hahaha WOW .. mind my french, but i honestly don’t quite care how you read this and find it offense with my language. one i am catholic. god loves everyone and everything… how you are sooooo grossed out and think its such a sin to be gay and it makes you want to puke. grow the . . . up and look at the world you moron! there are wars everywhere, people raping their children and young kids, even the dead! and youre sooo torn up about gays/lesbians. who gives a . . . who you date and how you feel about certain sexes. people are bi, straigh, gay.. whatever there . . . human. you live once and god is not going to honestly care what the . . . you like even if its a lamp that gets you off. HE CREATED EVERYONE/THING how he . . . wanted to! its 2011 you closed minded . . . ! not the era of condemning everyone like witches and . . . . get a life… and honestly if you are suuuuuch a great chrisitian or whatever the . . . you are, HATRED is wrong sweetheart. god will still love you since he has to but he will sooooo very much look down upon you for how you categorize and put people down just becuase of how he chose to create them. men, women, both… makes NO difference.. live a little and get *. . . !

    • Okay, if you claim to be a Christian then you really should watch your language. In fact, the Bible teaches that the language is the manifestation of your heart. So, through your writing, you have shown us what your heart is full of.

      God is the One who calls homosexuality sin and has already judged it. He did not create anyone gay (maybe you should actually open your Bible and read It). Homosexuality is a choice as well as a sin and, like every sin (choice) there are consequences.

      As far as the name calling goes, I left that back in 1st grade and I would advise you to do the same.

      God is love and He loves all people. He also hates too, He hates sin and what it does to people. He loves people enough to change them and set them free from their slavery to sin (including homosexuals).

      I think you are the one who is being closed minded and intolerant of me. Will my intolerance not be tolerated (I hope you see the irony)?

      Pointing out the dangers of homosexuality is not the same a condemning homosexuals. I think you need to study up on the difference a bit.

      Can you please point out with evidence where I have claimed to hate homosexuals? I would love to see more proof than “this is what I think”.

      There is a huge difference between men and women (study biology, as well as the Bible).

  10. I have to admit I’m impressed with the subtle inaccuracies of your take on homosexuality in general, and this blog post in particular. There’s nothing in the article or your argument that suggests homosexuality is being “promoted” in public schools. Promoting homosexuality would be if the schools were discouraging boys from dating girls and applauding homosexual relationships among the students. It would be excluding heterosexual couples from prom king and queen or homecoming couple (or whatever involves couples in school). I know you know the difference between acceptance and promotion, but you have cleverly chosen to use promotion when it’s clear the issue here is acceptance.
    It’s the same way you hardly pass up an opportunity to throw in the words “choice” and “lifestyle” when discussing homosexuality. If sexuality is a choice, then it is a choice for everyone, homosexual and heterosexual alike. Congratulations to you for choosing a heterosexual lifestyle. Why does it bother you that someone else has chosen a homosexual one? The cool part about sexuality is that they are parallel. Homosexuals date, have sex with, marry (where they can) other homosexuals, while heterosexuals do the same with other heterosexuals. There’s really no reason to be so disturbed.

    • “I have to admit I’m impressed with the subtle inaccuracies of your take on homosexuality in general, and this blog post in particular.”

      What inaccuracies? Keeping homosexuality in the public discussion is a form of promotion, especially when only the “positive” aspects (as if there were any) are discussed and never the negative. That is propaganda pure and simple.

      “Acceptance” is the same as promotion. It has to be promoted in order to be accepted (if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will begin to believe it).

      Immorality will always be a choice (both homo and hetero).

      The fact that homosexuality has so many negative and destructive consequences, that is what bothers me.

      • The irony here is astounding. Here you are warning everyone about the “dangers” of homosexual “immorality” based on lies told long enough and loud enough that you now believe. If homosexuality is immoral do you, the solution seems simple enough: don’t commit homosexual acts.

        Homosexuals may be at a greater risk of HIV or STDs, but that doesn’t make homosexuality wrong or immoral, it means homosexuals may need to be more careful than heterosexuals when it comes to matters of intimacy. Women are more at risk of breast cancer than men, but that doesn’t mean women are wrong or immoral. It means women need to be more cautions and get yearly mammograms.

        I know what you’ll say next: “We have no choice what gender we are, but we have a choice for our sexuality.” I’m not going to go into that debate, because it’ll lead to a tangential debate I’d rather not have right now. Car drivers are more at risk of fatal accidents than pilots. Driving a car is certainly a choice, but we don’t assert that car drivers, or car driving, is immoral, and we certainly don’t discourage adults from driving because there is a risk of a fatal accident.

        I’d appreciate it if you made your arguments against homosexuality and homosexuals from a rational (not religious) perspective. I agree with you that homosexual Christians are definitely going to burn in hell. I don’t see what homosexual atheists (or anyone else who doesn’t believe in eternal torture) have to worry about.

      • I have given factual evidence for the belief (stuff outside of the Bible) that I have.

        I will never commit homosexual acts. I do not think that it is right for homosexuality to be promoted through propaganda. Trickery is not a virtue.

        So, according to you, something that causes pain, death, and destruction is not immoral, is that what you are saying?

        There is no “safe” sex for homosexuals.

        Breast cancer does not come directly as a result of a lifestyle choice.

        I like how you compare morality with random disease (apples to oranges).

        Driving a car is an amoral act, as directly contrasted to homosexuality, a highly immoral act.

        I am using a rational debate. Comparing breast cancer and car accidents to morality is greatly lacking rationality.

        Not believing in something does not determine if it is reality or not.

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  12. Motorcycles cause pain, death and destruction but are not immoral.

    As long as there is ONE homosexual who has had sex and does not have an STD, safe homosexual sex exists.

    The immorality of homosexuality is a biblical assertion. So you should gear your teachings to homosexual christians.

    I agree that not believing in something has no bearing on such thing’s reality. Neither does believing in said something.

    • “Driving a car is an amoral act, as directly contrasted to homosexuality, a highly immoral act. ” (in response to “Motorcycles cause pain, death and destruction but are not immoral.”)

      Playing Russian roulette produces winners and victims yet I would not recommend it either, even though there are some people who have played and survived. If you play long enough, you will lose your life. The same can be applied to immorality/homosexuality.

      • I think you skipped my third paragraph. Homosexual immorality is a biblical teaching, so only homosexual christians need to pay any attention to it. It is not immoral for everyone, and that’s the point I was making. Please don’t use the “my god is the best and only true god who says homosexuality is immoral for everyone” argument here. That argument can only be applied to fellow christians.

        One STD-free homosexual disproves the assertion that there is no safe homosexual sex. That’s one of the cool things about disproving something; I just need one contrary example.

        As for this comment: “If you play long enough, you will lose your life. The same can be applied to immorality/homosexuality,” that applies to EVERYTHING in life. If you exercise, sit on your couch, eat, sleep, long enough you will lose your life.

  13. you have submitted to the propaganda of religion. how can someone submit there soul to a mostly proven imaginary being? “There is forgiveness for both you and Alex, if you would just humble yourselves, turn away from your sins, and submit to God.”

    • Propaganda is a form of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. …

      I am not a big fan of “religion” (because God is not). God promotes a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. I think you are confused at bit on the difference between the 2 things.

      “mostly proven imaginary being”

      I am not sure I understand what this means. Is there evidence of this proven fact? (mostly proven).

  14. “BTW, what if an Evangelical Christian would have written a very similar essay (not about being homosexual) about his struggles as a born again Christian (being persecuted, attacked, etc), do you think that he would have won? (I doubt it).”

    no he wouldnt have won because hed probably be just as ignorant as you, christians are spreading more hate on things “immortal” then anyone

    • If you are going to call me ignorant at least back it up with some proof (other than your empty words and name calling).

      How are Christians spreading hate? (by telling the truth?) I am not sure how you can call informing someone of the dangers of homosexuality hatred. I would call that help. I think not informing people of the truth about the dangers of homosexuality would be hatred.

  15. Okay, Brewer, I got linked to your weblog via Fundies Say the Darndest Things — consider that warning enough as to what I’m going to say.

    I’m seventeen and queer. I’m a writer. I’ve been lucky enough that all the people I’m “out” to are, you know, kind and gentle people, the way Christians are supposed to be. I think this kid you’re railing against has a lot more balls than you will ever have, because you hide your fear and hate behind a God you claim agrees with you, where he is what he is and isn’t going to bend his neck to the will of people who would force him to be something he isn’t. I think, in a world like this, that’s the bravest thing anyone can do.

    As for your “I thought they wanted us to stay out of our bedrooms” comment, well, think of it this way. You can kiss your wife in public, hold hands with her while you walk down the street, right? Same-sex couples want to be able to have those same social rights. We want to have what you’ve had since Abrahamic patriarchy took over the Western World. We want to be able to kiss our lovers in public and not be labeled as freaks. That’s why we have Pride Parades — we HAVE to get in your face for just one day, because we refuse to be slammed into the closet. We refuse to be afraid of what people like you will do to people like us.

    And we don’t hate you; not remotely. Hate is when you hurt someone, or you want to, because you don’t want to understand why they’re different. We understand perfectly well that you’re terrified of us because we are queer, and that, even more, you’re scared because we’re never going back into the closet. And we don’t aim to hurt anyone. We just want to live our lives the way we want to, and that includes following the desires ingrained in our biology. I like girls, guys, trans, intersexed, anyone who I find beautiful — and I’m not scared of that. And I’m not scared of your God, because I don’t believe in him. I believe in a God of true and everlasting love; that word you’ve used in the past, “agape,” is the perfect word. (Oh, also, you committed egregious word!fail in the “eros” department — eros is sexual love, not selfish love, because sex is the ultimate giving of oneself up to another.)

    I don’t hate you. I hate that you’re afraid of people like me, and I wish you felt otherwise, but I’m not going to try and force my beliefs on you, though you and those like you try to foist your ways on my kind.

    I think I’ll end with a lyric from “La Vie Boheme” from RENT: “To faggots, lezzies, dykes, crossdressers, too — to me (and me) and you, and you, you, and you!”

    • Okay, Brewer, I got linked to your weblog via Fundies Say the Darndest Things — consider that warning enough as to what I’m going to say.

      First of all, this tells me all that I need to know about you.

      I am a very gentle person, exactly the way that Christians are supposed to be. I also confront evil and lies, exactly the way that Christians are supposed to do. Jesus mentions that true Christians are to be the salt of the earth. Salt stops decay. Immorality (one of its forms being homosexuality) causes societal decay, therefore, if Christians are being the salt of the earth then we will stop societal decay.

      Where have I written that I hate homosexuals? Again I would like to see some evidence.

      He can be whatever he wants to be. That is his right. But do not forget, the rights of one person end once they begin to infringe upon the rights of another person. When homosexuals attack society (marriage) then I have the right to speak against their actions. What homosexuals do in their own bedrooms is their own business (until their business creates a STD epidemic, see HIV/AIDS of the 1980’s). Some say that you cannot regulate what people do in the privacy of their own homes. My response is, what if you murder someone in the privacy of your own home, is that action regulated? When what you do in the privacy of your own home becomes a danger to society then it must be stopped.

      Homosexuals claim to want to be left alone, yet they are the ones protesting in public as well as trying to change the fundamental laws of a nation (that is not keeping in the bedroom, as they claim).

      You call embracing a dangerous lifestyle brave, even though it could be avoided. You call putting other people’s lives at risk brave. I call both of these selfish and foolish.

      Homosexuals, like heterosexuals are protected under the law. Every person has the right to marry. It is the object of marriage that is restricted. You cannot marry a cow or a horse or a child. If you want to marry (which you have the right to do) then you must marry a man or woman (depending on your gender).

      I am not going to do anything to you. That is another proof less accusation on your part.

      We understand perfectly well that you’re terrified of us because we are queer

      Again you are wrong. I am not terrified of you. I pity you. I have mercy on you and that is why I share the truth about the dangers of homosexuality with you and offer you hope in Jesus Christ.

      we don’t aim to hurt anyone

      You may not aim to do it but you do. Death and destruction go hand in hand with the homosexual lifestyle.

      There is nothing ingrained in your biology. There is no gay gene. Homosexuality still remains a choice.

      I’m not scared of your God

      He does not want you to be scared of Him. He wants you to know Him for who He is and not some figment of your imagination.

      eros is sexual love, not selfish love, because sex is the ultimate giving of oneself up to another

      Eros love is all about “my pleasure”. Eros loves as long as it is pleased. When it is no longer pleased, it dumps you and moves on to the next. This is where the “one night stand” movement comes from (very prevalent among homosexuals).

      • What does it matter to you if we wed?I’m being totally serious here. What does it matter? Your inability to look at us without essentially saying “Oh ew, they’re icky and disease-ridden and immoral” smacks of irrational fear.

        And why shouldn’t I fear your God, by your own logic? You would have me and others give up something intrinsic to ourselves in order to get into heaven, or else we’ll bathe in eternal torment forever — that strikes of intimidation.

        More on Eros — I don’t feel that Eros and Agape are mutually exclusive. Agape is about sacrifice, and Eros is about sex. Most marriages are built on sex and compromise, because the spouses love each other, and therefore Agape and Eros are both present.

        Finally, why do you feel it’s changing the foundations of society for gays to wed? Also, where do you get your statistics? I highly doubt the veracity of the numbers and would like to see for myself.

      • “Most marriages are built on sex and compromise”

        You hit the nail on the head with that statement. That is why the divorce rate is almost 50% in the USA, because people start their relationships on eros instead of Agape. If Agape is not the foundation then the marriage will collapse. If eros is the foundation then once one side stops being pleased then off to divorce court we go.

        “Oh ew, they’re icky and disease-ridden and immoral”

        The stats (that little things we like to call facts) show that homosexuals are promiscuous as well as prone to STD’s (AIDS included).

        You can marry. The law only restricts the object (whom you marry). I am not against you marrying.

        Human history is based on the notion of one man and one woman pairing up to procreate and raise the next generation. Gay marriage is a direct attack on human history.

        I have given links to all the stats that I use. Follow the links. Click on the tag for homosexuality or homosexuals and you can find the articles along with the links to the stats.

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  17. the only reason why STD rates are so high among gays is because gays tend to be more promiscuous than straight people. im not trying to stereotype but those are just simple statistics. if you compared the std rates of people who had similar levels of promiscutity you would easily find similarly high std rates…

    but can we all stop with the ad hominim attacks?

  18. You know what the problem is? People refuse to stay out of the bedrooms of the LGBT community. They are denied the right to privacy and freedom. They can have privacy, so long as they publicly deny who they are for as long as they live, but they can’t have freedom. The freedom to not be discriminated against, because the masses seem to have this irrational fear of something – I don’t even know what it is!

    Look. Christianity is not the oldest/only religion in the world. Who is to say that it is correct? Why is your religion, which is so well know because people ‘of the cloth’ are often involved in horrible scandals, right? If Christianity is about being open and loving, then why can’t you accept the LGBT community? You don’t have to like them, but can you shut up and stop the hate?

    You know what the really sad thing is? People belonging to the LGBT community are chased away from religion, because religion claims that being gay is wrong. It sucks. I can tell you that personally. But I would rather live a secular lifestyle knowing that I can try to be proud of who I am, then live a life of repression in the name of a God who condemns me.

    • You know what the problem is? People refuse to stay out of the bedrooms of the LGBT community.

      Oh if that were the case. The problem is the exact opposite, they LGBT community keeps bringing their bedroom preferences out in public via “Pride Parades”. Maybe you have missed those, I wish I would have missed them. It is hard to hold a “Pride Parade” in a bedroom, although I hear among homosexuals . . . oh never mind.

      Do you have the privacy and freedom to murder someone in your bedroom? Do you have the privacy and freedom to cheat on your taxes in your bedroom? You see, the whole “privacy and freedom” to do what I want in my own home is flawed. Nobody has the privacy and freedom to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes.

      Christianity is about being open and loving to people but not to the sin that destroys people. Sin cannot be tolerated because it is like a virus that spreads and leaves destruction (like the scandals you mentioned, do you condone them out of love and tolerance?)

      Just a reminder for the 1,000th time, not agreeing with a destructive way of life is not the same thing as hate.

      • You know, killing someone and cheating on takes are a far cry from having sex. Nobody has perfect freedom, but what right does the government have to say that citizens can’t have sex or get married? IF people could come up with one non-religious reason to not allow gays to marry, I’d shut up and accept it. I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d accept it.

        However, by using religion to ban gay marriage, you help to promote the breakdown of part of the government (we are, after all, supposed to be a secular nation). If the US had an official religion, I could accept making gay marriage illegal. But we have no official religion, so using religion as a way to keep others from getting married IS a form of hate.

        How does a gay couple getting married really change you? How does a straight couple getting married change you? They don’t, not unless you’re getting married or are part of the family getting married, and unless you’re a close relation to the bride/groom, then that family connection doesn’t mean too much anyway.

        Why is it the job of Christians to save our souls? If, in the end, some form of Christianity is the ‘true’ religion, and has the same afterlife that everyone is familiar with, then wouldn’t it be the duty of God to judge people? And isn’t denying rights to people wrong? Isn’t condemning a whole group of people to hell because of who and what they are wrong? Why do Christians get to control Heaven’s guest list?

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