Another way to legalize gay marriage without letting the people vote

Homosexuals and their supporters are not for the democratic process because they know when they allow the American people to vote, we vote for traditional marriage and against “nontraditional” (gay) marriage. Since homosexuals and their supporters know that they cannot impose their views on the rest of the nation via the democratic process, they just invent loopholes to force their way of life upon everyone. This is very similar to the homosexuals of Sodom. If you read the case in the Bible in Genesis 19, you will see that the homosexuals had infiltrated every aspect of society, that they were very insistent on their way of life and fulfilling their warped desires, as well as shameless. If anyone spoke out against their evil actions they used the same tactics that the homosexual movement uses today, “who are you to judge us”. Read this article to see the latest loophole found by the homosexual movement to propagate and impose their way of life on everyone. What are your thoughts?

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