True faith impacts your relationships in a positive manner

As we saw in the last lesson, Abraham is the father of faith because he was sensitive to the Word of God and answered the high and holy calling that God gave to him. Now we want to examine how his faith positively impacted his relationships with others. During the last lesson I asked you to read Genesis 12-15, 18 and 22. Continue reading

Abraham: The father of faith

Do you ever think about the legacy that you leave behind, the impact that you have in the lives of the people of the nation in which you live? Would you like to leave a positive legacy that would not only impact your family but also your entire nation? Would you like to change the course of the history of your country? Many people, unfortunately, in our day and time do not think about these questions. Or if they do, they use a holy excuse like, “I am not anybody special, let someone else impact the world.” God is an extraordinary figure and He is in the business of taking ordinary people and using them to transform the world. The first example that comes to mind is an ordinary Jewish carpenter who turned the world as we knew it upside down. Continue reading