The portrait of a genuine Christian

Many people claim to be Christians in our world today. In fact, the stats say that there are around 2.2 billion professing Christians on planet earth at this very moment. Do you consider yourself a Christian? I would like to take a look at Saint Paul‘s epistle (letter) to the Christians in Philippi to see how the Word of God describes a genuine Christian. Continue reading

The seriousness of entering into covenant with God

In the last article we looked at Christian baptism, its importance, the process leading to baptism, and why it was instituted by God. In this article I would like to take a look at the connection between covenant and the Lord’s Supper (the Eucharist). By looking at these 2 Biblical elements, we will learn just how serious choosing to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior really is. Choosing to become a Christian is not like signing up for fire insurance to get out of hell if you find yourself there one day. Continue reading

The importance of Baptism

I would like to address the issue of Christian baptism in this article. Views are divided on this subject. Some believe that baptism causes a person to be a Christian and therefore they have their children baptized as soon as they can after they are born. Others believe that baptism is not that important for a Christian and is optional Continue reading

What is true repentance?

Most ordinary people living in the 21st Century probably do not have a clue what the meaning of the word “repentance” is. Some people may think that it means to feel sorry for what you have done, to feel remorse. Although part of true repentance is  feeling sorry for an action and feeling remorse, that is not the entire picture, by any means. When you move in to Evangelical Church circles you find that the word repentance has basically been removed from the lingo and replaced with “got saved” which is a much softer and watered down version of the message that Jesus Christ preached. Continue reading