The portrait of a genuine Christian partIII

During the last article, I looked at chapter 2 of Paul‘s letter to the Philippian church to see the attitude and actions of a genuine Christian. This time, I would like to continue looking in chapter 2 to see the actions of a true Christian and the tangible results. God gets involved in our lives in a personal way in order to transform us. He already knows what the final product will look like, and in fact, He has already told us what the final product will look like, “being conformed to the image (character) of Jesus Christ”. Continue reading

The portrait of a genuine Christian partII

This article will be a continuation of the previous article on being a genuine Christian. Paul continues his explanation in chapter 2 of his letter to the Philippian church. He uses the same format of the attitude setting the tone for actions and results. Even people who do not live by or teach Biblical principles understand the way that a person’s attitude impacts his actions determining if the results will be positive of negative (see modern psychology teachings). Continue reading