Pro Life March this Wed. in honor of International Children’s Day

Our modern society is full of paradoxes. I do not have the time nor space to tackle them all one by one. I would like to focus on one in particular. As a modern society, we claim to be humane. Many boast that we are “more humane than God” because we do not see the need to punish murderers or rapists with death. That statement seems to make sense until you look beyond the superficiality of it. Not punishing the guilty for his crimes is an inhumane act toward the victim of that crime. What is even more bizarre is the fact that those who oppose punishing the criminals with death because it is inhumane, promote abortion (calling it pro choice of course) on demand. Abortion is brutal murder of an innocent victim who cannot even protect himself. At least the criminals have a chance to defend themselves (as well as the victims of crimes). What is humane about reaching into the womb and plunging a metal object in the head of a defenseless baby? What is humane about introducing a burning solution into the place of safety and security of an unborn child?

Most democratic societies have law that declares its citizens have a right to life. In other words, their lives are protected and they have the freedom and chance to live within the society. Yet at the same time, these laws blatantly omit the unborn citizens, legalizing murder and genocide as well as promoting them on a national level. That is a paradox. On one hand, all citizens have the right to life, yet on the other hand, the most defenseless citizens are eliminated and no one has to give an account for it (this side of eternity). God speaks very clearly on the value of human life (both in the womb and outside of the womb).

Because of this stance, in Moldova, the Alliance for saving the family is holding a peaceful march in Chisinau (capital of Moldova) to inform our society of the paradox. We celebrate International Children’s Day yet at the same time, abortion is legal. We guarantee the citizens who are outside the womb, the right to life, yet all citizens who are still in the womb have no protection, no guaranteed right to life.

Please pray for this peaceful march and the awareness that it will raise.

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