The 2011 EFNL summer camp was a huge success

efnl_camp_2011 Praise the Lord for the great work that was done over the past 10 days at the 10th annual English For a New Life summer camp. Thanks to Vasile Filat for organizing and coordinating such a camp. Thanks to all of the workers who put forth tremendous effort in order for everything to run smoothly.

We studied several different studies at the camp. The beginner and intermediate students studied the Gospel of John according to our EFNL manual. The advanced students studied “Lord is it warfare? Teach me to stand” by Kay Arthur, based on Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. There were 50 public school teachers at the camp and they studied, “God are You there?” by Kay Arthur, based on the Gospel of John. We had over 30 American teachers come and join us for the 10 day camp. They came from all different walks of life, from stay at home moms to school teachers to coaches, as well as high school and college students. There were several States represented; Missouri, Maryland, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and West Virginia.

All throughout the camp we spoke about repentance, being born again, and the New Covenant. The students all understood what it means to be a true Christian and how a person can become one. On the final evening, Vasile preached from the Gospel of John chapter 3. He explained why we must be born again and how it happens. At the end of the message, there was an alter call and 11 people accepted the call, choosing to repent, and be born again. We were able to counsel them at the end and we pray that they will all be baptized this fall.

After the message, we went to the camp fire to hear impressions of the camp. All of the impressions were so positive. Many stated that the camp should last a month instead of 10 days. The public school teachers said that they could not wait for school to start back so that they can teach what they learned at the camp to their students. We pray for more open doors to the public schools this fall.

Also, please pray for the new ministry that was started at this camp. The coach of the class 4A Mississippi State High school baseball champs along with the team MVP were at the camp and we had baseball practice everyday with the campers who were interested. We had 30 something kids and teens every day. I got their contact info and now we pray to begin a baseball league in Moldova. We plan to make many new disciples of Jesus Christ through this league. Please pray for us and maybe about joining us in this new project.

3 comments on “The 2011 EFNL summer camp was a huge success

  1. I truly enjoyed this camp. The students were so eager to learn and so ready to give back. Moldova feels like a second home and I miss it so much. The EFNL manual does a very good job at presenting the gospel clearly.

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