What a great summer!

I love summer time. The weather is warm and people are out and about. My favorite sport is king for a while (baseball) and all is right with the world. Also, summer is a great time for the Gospel in Moldova. People (especially young ones) are looking for things to do so summer camps are a great opportunity for a lot of people to pass the time. I was able to participate in 8 summer camps this summer. Five of them were day camps for kids and 3 were 10 day camps for teens and young adults. It was amazing to see so many people study the Word of God on a daily basis for the entire summer. We studied Jonah at the day camps, Judges at the session, Ephesians at the English camp, and Abraham at the youth camp. It was so neat to see how the Word of God is so perfect and how every book completes other books, as well as how practical every book of the Bible is. Over 1,000 people were at the 8 different camps that I participated in. Now, my prayer is that each one will take the knowledge that he/she has attained and put it into practice. We saw a lot of lives transformed and a lot of doors opened up for future ministry both in Moldova and around the world. God was at work this summer (like all the summers before) and it was amazing to work with Him. I wish all people were open to experiencing God’s mighty hand at work. It is amazing to see that if you will make yourself available, God will work with you and through you to see amazing things happen. Do you long to be used by God? Would you like to have an impact in your community? These are things that God is ready to accomplish in you and through you if you will dedicate yourself to serving Him by serving the people around you. May God bless your righteous desires.

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