The dangers of witchcraft (black and white magic)

I am preparing to teach this Friday night’s lesson for the youth meeting. I have a request to teach on the dangers of black magic (witchcraft, fortune-telling, tarot cards, horoscope, etc). I want to present the information to you so that I can think through the subject myself. I would love to hear what you think. I hope this lesson will be good for those who call themselves “Christian” yet live by pagan practices (and may not even know it). We will take a look at both the Old and New Testaments to see what the Word of God teaches on this subject. In Moldova, where over 90% of the population claims to be “Christian” many, many people turn to fortune-tellers, tarot cards, and horoscopes to lean what their future holds. Some say that it is just simple fun to read your horoscope on a daily basis. Just remember, what gets into your mind can linger for much longer that you ever planned. Continue reading