If an atheist cannot win the argument, he just blocks you

I have been in a few debates over the past few days with some atheists (okay, a bunch of them) on this site. It has been quite a fun time. I love the way that they revert to childhood playground tactics like name calling and swearing when they cannot win the argument with logic. You can read through the comments if you would like (I hope you do not mind the foul language) and just see how childish they can be. I am glad that I know the Word of God and have been able to share it with them over the past few days. Like the demons of the Bible, they hear the message and do not believe it. The difference between them and the demons is the fact that the demons recognize the truth and admit it, even if they do not obey. The atheists just ignore the facts and begin to shift and spin so that they can avoid the black and white truth. It is really sad and I really feel bad for them because they are so deceived by lies (deceived from without and from within). They think that I hate them but I do not. I pray for them, that they will come to their senses like the Prodigal Son If you have any atheist friends, please pray for them and try to share the Gospel with them. Do not be afraid of their childish tactics. Share the truth unashamedly. God will do the rest. On Judgment Day, they will not be able to claim ignorance because you did your part. Do as Jesus Christ has commanded us and . . .

15 . . . , “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16)

God bless you as you faithfully serve Him.