Homosexuals are against the poor and needy of society

Have you heard the latest news from the homosexual crowd? It is quite shocking. Before jumping in and looking at what homosexuals are doing to hurt the poor and needy this year I would like to present what the Bible says about the attitude that homosexuals have towards other people. This can be found in Genesis 19 as well as in Ezekiel 16.

1) Unified – all them men came from every corner of the city

2) Manipulative – the older men had influenced and convinced the younger men that they were homosexuals too

3) Aggressive – they were ready to break down the door, they were ready to harm Lot physically (as well as the 2 angels via rape)

4) Insistent – they would not hear any warning and they would not be stopped by physical harm (blinded by the angels)

5) Arrogant/Haughty -seeing themselves as better than others, not caring about the needs of others, just their own selfish desires

6) Uncaring for the poor and needy -self explanatory

Now, having looked at this list, I want to share the latest manifestation. Homosexuals do not care about the poor and needy of society. In fact, they are going to great lengths to make sure that the Salvation Army has less money to care for fewer poor and needy this holiday season. After seeing the above list, does this surprise you? God spoke about them long ago and described them for us and their actions. We see it happening before our very eyes. I do not know about you but I believe in giving. It is better to give than to receive, so the Bible teaches. Homosexuals believe the opposite. They want their desires met before all others and do not care who is hurt along the way. Do you want this kind of lifestyle openly promoted? Homosexuals are presented in the media as good people who care for each other. This is far from the truth. The Bible presents them as they are. Please do not be deceived. Take a look at the proof that we have about homosexuals and their lifestyles being dangerous to society. When you pass by that red bucket and hear the bell ring this holiday season, think about the poor and needy and give. Do not be influenced by the terrible agenda of the homosexual crowd. They do not care about anyone other than themselves. They are ready to allow needy people to suffer this holiday season so their own agenda can be accomplished. Please be wise and give as God wants you to do.


3 comments on “Homosexuals are against the poor and needy of society

    • If they do not want to support, that is their business. The problem is, they are encouraging others not to donate. Because of their sexual preferences, they want to stop the support of people in need. That is very selfish if you ask me.

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