Happy 9th Anniversary To My Sweetheart

It has been 8 full years since we dedicated our lives to each other. We have so many wonderful memories. We have served the Lord all over the world (and continue to do so). You have given me two wonderful angels and are doing such a great job juggling the role of wife and mother (as well as missionary and pastor’s wife). I pray that the next 9 will be just as awesome as these and hope that we will have at least 60 more after that (if the Lord does not come back before then). I am having the best time celebrating our anniversary. You know me so well and exactly what I would want to do for every occasion. Thanks for being my P:31. God bless you on this great day as well as every day.


One comment on “Happy 9th Anniversary To My Sweetheart

  1. I love you guys!! I am so happy for you and your marriage. I just have to say that it has been 9 full years since you got married and you are starting your 10th year. Ben has trouble with this concept too…..
    from 2002 (when you said your vows)-2003=1 year completed
    2003-2004=2 years completed
    2004-2005=3 years completed
    2005-2006=4 years completed
    2006-2007=5 years completed
    2007-2008=6 years completed
    2008-2009=7 years completed
    2009-2010= 8 years completed
    2010-2011=9 years…..SO you have already completed 9 years together…..Just don’t want you to feel shortchanged in the end! 🙂
    I think that you just accidentally hit the 8 instead of the 9 though, because one of those angelic children was helping you type!
    We miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

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