Church Bible study on debt

Last night our church held a Bible study led by our senior pastor, Vasile Filat. The study was about money and specifically, about debt. It was a great time of fellowship and very insightful for all. I would like to present some of the main truths from the study. I want to thank pastor Vasile for such a wonderful time. I pray that God will continue to bless and protect his family as he faithfully serves the flock here in Moldova and all over the world.

Have you ever met people who never can seem to get out of debt? They work and pay their bills as best that they can yet it seems like they are always behind. Maybe you are this person. Here are a few reasons why some people get in and stay in debt. Continue reading

A New Year: A New Beginning

I am preparing to teach a lesson this Friday night at the youth group. The theme is: A New Year: A New Beginning. I chose this theme since we have just begun 2012 and we are making plans to accomplish throughout this year. I want to challenge the young people to plan big and be victorious in what they do (as God desires for all of His children). I want to take a walk through the Scriptures and see what the Bible teaches on being victorious in new endeavors.

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Travel and Things

We made it back to Moldova in one piece. It only took the normal amount of time (around 36 hours) instead of 4 days like the last time we flew back from the States. The kids did well on the planes. They slept over the ocean. That was nice for us although I still cannot manage to sleep a wink on a flight.

We got back to Moldova on a Wednesday evening and hit the ground running. Thursday morning our church held a press conference about the importance of politicians being people of integrity and good character as well as the importance of Christians having a positive impact on politics. Continue reading

Talking about Moldova today

I am always excited to talk about 2 of my favorite things, the Word of God and Moldova. I have been invited to speak at 4 different churches today and the topic will be the same at each one; the Word of God and Moldova. I am so thrilled to be in Mississippi because I am able to share with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about the wonderful work of the Word of God in Moldova. I will be speaking at Continue reading

What is your attitude toward money and possessions?

I sat in on a Bible study last night. It was led by my wife and we had many of our students from Bayless Baptist church attend. We had such a wonderful time. It was true Christian fellowship. We have not seen each other in a while (since we live about 4,000 miles apart). We were able to catch up on things but most importantly, we feasted on the Word of God together. We are studying “Money And Possessions:The Quest For Contentment“. Continue reading