What is your attitude toward money and possessions?

I sat in on a Bible study last night. It was led by my wife and we had many of our students from Bayless Baptist church attend. We had such a wonderful time. It was true Christian fellowship. We have not seen each other in a while (since we live about 4,000 miles apart). We were able to catch up on things but most importantly, we feasted on the Word of God together. We are studying “Money And Possessions:The Quest For Contentment“. The lesson was very challenging. We learned about the direct connection between our attitude toward money and possessions and our relationship with God. The way you view money and possessions and the way that you use your money and possessions demonstrates whether or not you have a genuine relationship with God or not. Since we are at the beginning of a new year, we were all challenged to evaluate what we did with our money and possessions last year (in view of the work of the Lord) and then make a plan on how we will use our money and possessions this year to further the kingdom of God where we live and all around the world. I would advise every ready to get a copy of this simple Bible study and really dig into it. It will change your perspective on many, many things. God bless in this new year and live every day as pleasing offering to the Lord. May you blessed and content as you serve Him moment by moment.


One comment on “What is your attitude toward money and possessions?

  1. Different preachers say different things about money. How can we judge which is right? By comparing what they say to what Jesus said. I recommend going through the bible and writing down everything that Jesus says about money, wealth, and financial planning. Any preacher that contradicts Jesus… well, they contradict Jesus.
    Here’s a link to some verses in biblegateway.com:


    Enjoy the study!

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