Travel and Things

We made it back to Moldova in one piece. It only took the normal amount of time (around 36 hours) instead of 4 days like the last time we flew back from the States. The kids did well on the planes. They slept over the ocean. That was nice for us although I still cannot manage to sleep a wink on a flight.

We got back to Moldova on a Wednesday evening and hit the ground running. Thursday morning our church held a press conference about the importance of politicians being people of integrity and good character as well as the importance of Christians having a positive impact on politics. The mass media for the most part did not spin what we said. There was one station that tried but it ended up looking ridiculous (trying for the shock factor). That was on Thursday morning after getting about 2 hours of sleep on Wednesday night (the kids were up from 2:30 to 6:30, hungry and wanting to play). So in 2 and a half days’ time I got about 3 hours of sleep. The first 3 nights home were sleepless for the kids (and dad too). Saturday night they were back on schedule, sleeping all night long. Thursday evening we had our annual members’ meeting where we recap the previous year and make some plans for the new one. It was an amazing time to see what the Lord has done through us and our church over the past year. I am over the education department of the church so as I gave my report, we discovered that our church of 90 members has 15 different small group Bible studies and teaches the Word of God systematically to about 175 people on a weekly basis. We also discovered that we teach the Word to some 350 elementary students at the public school where we hold our church services. They study the Bible weekly even though most of them come from homes where there is no Bible and they rarely go to church (if at all). Sunday morning we celebrated our 3 year anniversary as a church. It was an amazing service and the house was packed. Pastor Vasile preached an amazing sermon encouraging us to evaluate our part in the growth of the local and universal church over the past year. I was challenged to do even more in 2012.

This week we will get back into the swing of things with the different Bible studies. I am looking forward to teaching my first grade class again as well as starting up the youth group meetings after the Christmas holidays. Thanks to all who prayed for us while we traveled, spent time with family, and then returned home. The Lord is too good to His children.

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