Church Bible study on the Holy Spirit

Last night was the coldest night of the year to date, negative 13 degrees F. It was cold ladies and gentlemen but the good news is that there was heat in the church (not just the heat of the Holy Spirit but actual heat). We met for a Bible study on certain hot topics in the church world in this part of the world. The wave of charismatic interpretations of the Bible mixed with the prosperity gospel has made its way to Moldova and is spreading like wildfire (because of the deep poverty, the prosperity gospel sounds so appealing to many in the Evangelical churches). So last night our senior pastor, Vasile Filat, addressed 3 major questions that these movements have produced. 1) How do I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? (how is it manifested in the life of a true believer?) 2) What do you do when you do not “feel” love in the church? 3) Can a person be a true Christian yet not be part of the local church? Continue reading