Impressions from the Covenant session in Poland

On the 7th of Feb. I pulled out of the train station in Chisinau, Moldova on a long journey to Warsaw, Poland. I went to teach the 8th session of level one of the Inductive Bible study Precept Ministries Eurasia. The session lasted from the 10th to the 17th of Feb. We studied from morning till night so that we could cover the 11 lessons in the Covenant manual by the end of the 7 full days. On the 8th day, the students had to take and pass a written exam based on all of the material that we covered.

The session was amazing because we study Biblical Doctrines (from the Bible) as we discover the Doctrine of Covenant from Genesis to Revelation. There were 10 dedicated students with me from different parts of Poland. They used their vacation time to come and “rest” at the session. They put forth great effort to get there and then even greater effort to study. God worked in a wonderful way during the session. We heard testimonies of how the different ministries are going and we made plans for the future.

I would like to share some of the impressions with you here in this post.

  • I need to be aware of the enemies of God
  • I must take on the enemies of God
    • by not sinning
    • by sharing the Gospel
    • by not being friends with the world (be careful about who my acquaintances are, my really close friends need to be strong believers, I need to get to know nonbelievers so that I can share the good news of the Gospel with them)
    • We need to share the message of what we have learned
      • Start with our friends and family members
      • Be a witness in my actions and attitude
  • God is faithful at all times
  • I need to be faithful at all times too
  • I realized just how incredible our bond with God is
  • God is eternal and He creates an eternal bond with us
  • I saw how the covenants fit together
  • I saw the huge plan of salvation, the overall plan that was put into action with Abraham
  • I realized just how much God wants us
  • We receive an amazing number of blessings in Covenant
  • God tells us what to do and how to do it and then makes it possible for us to do it
  • I have to do my part
  • I have no excuse
  • Do not look down on people who are not in covenant
  • Give hope to the people who are not in covenant
  • I need to be faithful
  • Do not break covenant
  • I learned why it is good not to become close friends with my coworkers, I can be friends with them at work but I cannot hang out with them because they will lead me astray
    • I need to hang out with them and share the Gospel with them
    • I have to be careful about my lifestyle
  • I came to learn to teach others but ended up learning so much myself
  • Liked how well the lessons were explained
    • Know what I need to do
    • Why I need to do it
    • How to do it
  • I had an idea about covenant and salvation before but not as deep as I do now
  • I will be able to explain the doctrine of salvation much better now
  • I discovered that there can be people in the church who are not born again
  • People need to spend time with God
  • The church needs to preach Christ through covenant
  • We must be careful of doctrine in the church
  • Saw so many new things
    • It is an eye opening study
    • Neat to see how it is God who initiates covenant
    • Every lesson reveals a new insight on covenant
  • Neat to see how God responds immediately
    • God wants a relationship with man
    • God is really in control of all things
  • Biggest insight, it is a heart issue, I have to be changed, my attitude has to be changed
    • It is not about do this and do not do that

Biggest realization for all

  • The Old Covenant and Abrahamic covenants are not one and the same
  • The New Covenant is the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant

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