Another misinterpreted text by the pro homosexual crowd

I thought I had seen just about every possible scheme from the pro homosexual crowd in their trying to spin and reinterpret the Bible to excuse their sinful lifestyles. I have seen people claim that Jonathan and David from the Old Testament were homosexual lovers. I have heard others call Ruth and Naomi lesbians. Both of those accusations are absurd but people will do just about anything to try and calm their conscious and justify their actions. The newest pro homosexual Biblical passage spun to try and convince everyone that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality is the Roman officer and his servant. Here is the passage. The account is found in two of the synoptic Gospels. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Emmanuel Christopher Brewer

I am amazed at how fast time seems to pass by these days. When I was a kid, a day seemed like a year but now a year seems like a day. My son is 2 years old today. He is growing and learning every single day. He has been communicating with us for a couple of weeks now and it is nice to be able to do so. We celebrated his birthday yesterday with his grandparents in the village. He was so excited about blowing out his candle. I believe that we had to relight it about 10 times. He got a couple of books for his birthday and a nice rocking horse (he loves horses, his favorite movie is Black Beauty). I am just so grateful to God that he is a healthy little boy. God teaches me how to love like He does everyday, how to have patience like He does, how to care for someone the way that He does. Emmanuel Christopher means “God with us the Christ follower” and he is a reminder to us every single day that God is with us and we need to follow Christ in order to be an example for him. Have a happy birthday Emmi, daddy loves you very much and is very proud of you.

The Importance of Women in the church

This coming Thursday, in Moldova, we will celebrate the 8th of March which is the equivalent of Mothers’ Day in the USA. In honor of this celebration, the guys of the youth group are dedicating the youth service to the girls of the youth group. I am preparing a message for the service which will explain the importance of women in the church, as the Bible portrays. Continue reading

The Church: The Purpose (1) Training Ground

We saw in the last article that the reason that we have the church is because people are broken, needing a place of refuge where they can learn to reestablish their relationship with God and with man. God sent Jesus Christ to reestablish the relationship between God and man and then form the Church so that those people who have their relationship with God restored can learn how to build relationships with one another. Now that we are in the church, what do we do?

Continue reading