Awarding Diplomas

Today we had a special service at the public school where we meet for church. As you may know, we also teach moral/religion lessons during school hours on a weekly basis. As of now, we teach the Gospel in the public school on a weekly basis during schools hours to about 350 students. Of those students, we had the awards ceremony today for the elementary school students (grades 1-4) who studied the course “Wrong way Jonah” with us throughout this school year. The kids did very well even though this was the first time that many of them had ever opened a Bible in their short lives. Very few of them even have Bibles at home and they are hard to acquire in Moldova. You can buy the Koran in bookstores but you cannot buy the Bible, even though Moldova is considered a “Christian” nation. The great part about these Bible study materials is that the text is printed out in the manual so even though the kids do not have a Bible they can study with us.

We prepared a program with music. Each class had the opportunity to show off its talents by either reciting a poem written by the students based on the book of Jonah, or singing a song that they learned during the year. One group memorized verses from the book of Jonah and recited them for us from memory.

During the program we very visited by the great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of the fish that swallowed Jonah. She shared what she knew of the story but since she only heard it by word of mouth from her relatives, she was confused on many of the details so the kids had to work together and help her get the story straight as it is written in the Bible. The kids did so well and they did not miss one mistake that the fish made in retelling the story. They were quick to help her get the details right. At the end we handed out the diplomas, invited all the kids to come to our summer day camp in June, and then sang a song with them. The teachers were amazed at how well everything went and how much fun the kids had. We are now the talk of the school (our church is) and we pray that this will open many doors for future classroom Bible studies. Thanks to those dear brothers and sisters who raised funds so that we could purchase a book for each student. God was truly glorified in what we did. Keep these kids in your prayers because they are our future leaders and we want them to fear the Lord and serve Him in all that they do.


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