Sunday’s Sermon (I Tim.4)

I had an interesting time on Sunday at church. We had a visitor from the States, a Jewish man who was visiting a church for the first time. He was previously in a synagogue about 8 years ago. His grandparents were from Odessa, Ukraine and they fled before WWI because of heavy Jewish persecution. He is an independent truck driver in the States but is on a mini sabbatical. He met a Christian man in Chisinau who insisted that he visit our church while here. It just so happened that on this day, we had to meet in our little classroom instead of the auditorium where we usually meet because of some kind of dance competition. That is the downside of meeting in a public high school. Anyway, I was asked to translate for him and I did with great pleasure because 1), the sermon was great and 2) I was able to befriend the man and he really opened up. I would like to share that sermon with you here. First and foremost, the man was amazed at our community involvement. He said that he had never seen a religious group so interested in positively impacting the community. Anyway, here is the message. Continue reading