Two day camps down, eight more to go.

Thanks for your prayers over the past week. On Monday, two teams of a total of about 15 leaders embarked on a week long journey of teaching the Word of God to over 100 children. We held two day camps in 2 different villages. In the village of Bacioi, we decided to do Bible study and play baseball. The first day, there were over 20 kids who came to study the Bible with us. For the afternoon session, we began to learn how to play baseball. By the end of the day, we attempted a mini game. All went well. During the day, the mayor of the city called and asked that we cancel the camp yet he did not give a definite reason why. Since he had no good reason, we continued. The next day there were close to 40 kids. Before our afternoon session, the mayor and some of his cronies came to intimidate us. Again, he asked that we stop the camp but gave no definite reason. We had permission slips signed by the children’s parents. He left and threatened to come back the next day with the police. The kids were having such a good time and they all said that they wanted to continue. The next day we met in the morning but there were not many kids there because of the rain but by the afternoon, the sun came out and the kids showed up. Not long after that, the mayor appeared and as promised, he had some police officers with him. The children began to panic but we were able to get them involved in playing a game so that they forgot about the situation. The mayor stopped the camp, although we were allowed to finish the day. The children began to cry at the end of the day because they knew the camp was to have 2 more days before ending. Please pray that this persecution will open the door for many more ministry opportunities in the village of Bacioi.

The second camp was also a great success. The first day of the camp about 15 kids come for the morning session. By the afternoon, the number of kids doubled to over 30. By the second day, there were close to 50 kids. On the 3rd day of the camp, over 50 kids were with us. The authorities did not give us any problems. The kids did a great job studying the Bible. We studied “Lord, teach me to pray, for kids“. Every single day we practiced saying the Lord’s Prayer together and then we would learn the different aspects of the Lord’s Prayer. We learned that God has to be our Father, that we must be His children if we want to have our prayers answered. Then we learned how to be born again so that we can become children of God. I preached about being born again on the final day. At the end of the message, I asked who would like to be born again so that God will hear your prayers? All of the kids stood and prayed with me. Now we just pray that the kids will continue to study the Bible with us and be obedient to God on a daily basis.

Please keep us in your prayers because we have 8 more camps to go. On Monday, I will lead a camp in the  city of Chisinau. We hope to have over 50 kids come and join us. My desire is to have Bible study in the morning and play baseball in the afternoon. There will also be a day camp in the village of Zambreni. There were close to 150 participants last year so we hope to have close to the same number this year. I am so proud of our teams. They are working so hard and doing it for the good of the country and for the kingdom of heaven.

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