Six day camps down, 3 more to go!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support over the past 3 weeks. We have been able to organize and put on 6 day camps in 5 different villages and one in the city. God has been very good to us. We have been able to share the Gospel as well as disciple over 350 children over the past 3 weeks. We have studied several different Bible studies from “God, what is Your name” to “Lord teach me to pray, for kids”, as well as “Wrong way Jonah”. The kids have really enjoyed all of the studies.

I was at the camp in the village of Bardar. Over 30 kids came the first day to the soccer field. We hosted the entire camp on the village’s public soccer field. After the first day’s activities, we sent the kids home with permission slips to be filled out and brought back the next day. The next morning the Mayor of the village came to the soccer field to “find” us. He called the local missionary in the village to his office for a discussion. One of the parents had already visited him that morning with one of the permission slips wanting to know who “we” were and what we were doing in their village. The Mayor tried to explain but the parent was agitated and trying to cause trouble. Ghena explained why we are doing what we do and showed the Mayor the daily schedule. The Mayor had no argument against what the kids were learning. He asked that we hold a parental awareness meeting on Wednesday night. We announced it for 2 days and yet not one parent showed up to complain.

On the 4th day of camp we went to the Mayor’s office to ask for help in hauling off trash that we were going to pick up that day, around the public soccer field. By the time the tractor came, we had collected over 15 garbage bags full of bottles, paper etc. The man on the tractor was shocked to see the kids at work.

On Monday we started Baseball practice. To put it mildly, it was like a Chinese fire drill. Many of the kids were not sure if they wanted to continue. On Tuesday we started scrimmaging. They fell in love with the sport then. On Thursday we had the championship. It was an epic battle. With 2 innings to go, the score was 26-11. In the final at bat, the team that had been behind most of the game, ended up wining on a walk off base hit. It was such a good game. We were all hoarse once the game was over from all of the yelling. We pray to start a baseball club in the village this fall.

On the final day of the camp, Friday, we held the Carnival. The kids loved it. There were about 6 stations where they had to prove their knowledge of the book of Jonah. There were lots of water balloons thrown and “received” that day. It was close to 100 degrees so the water was great.

After the Carnival, the students received diplomas for all of their hard work. The village missionary preached a salvation message and most of the 35 kids prayed the sinners’ prayer to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray for the continuity of the work which has begun there.


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