Teaching God’s Word

I spent the weekend at a Bible study seminar with many of the members of our church, Good News. Our senior pastor, Vasile Filat, taught the overview of the book of Ephesians. It is a relevant letter for all time. There were so many applicable truths that each and every person on the planet needs to know. We began Friday night and worked until Sunday afternoon. About 50 of our church members were there. While we were there, we evaluated the ministries of the church and planned activities over the next 6 months or so. I would like to present some of the results of my department, education.

Since we do not have a building and must rent space for meetings, one of the best ways to hold Bible studies (like Sunday school) is via in home, small group Bible studies. One of the best ways to invite people to church in our culture, is to have them first come to your home so that they can get to know you and then be more open to attending a church service with you. Our church was founded on small group Bible studies so Bible study groups are the backbone of the church.

Small group Bible studies in the church

In the city, we have 13 different Bible study groups where 105 people people study the Bible systematically (0n a weekly basis).

Small group Bible study church plants

In 7 mission points (villages where members of our church are attempting to plant other churches) eleven of our members lead 12 different groups with 185 people who study on a weekly basis. As you know, we use many different tools to take the Gospel to the people around us and teach them how to be disciples of Jesus Christ, as the Great Commission teaches us. Many of our members are involved in the computer, English, TKD, and soccer ministries.

Small group Bible studies through English, TKD, computer and soccer

The members of our church lead 29 different groups in the city and 8 different villages. These groups disciple 256 people on a weekly basis, teaching them how to study and apply God’s Word. God has blessed us to be able to teach the Bible in the public schools in Moldova. As a church, we constantly pray to impact the people around us. Since forming a good relationship with the school’s principal, we have been invited to teach the Bible in the elementary school classes.

Teaching in schools

Ten members of our church are directly involved in teaching in 7 different classrooms where 130 students study with us on a weekly basis.

The totals of these numbers are amazing to see because we realize that God is reaching many people through our church. 36 of our church members are directly involved in leading 676 people in studying God’s Word for themselves. This all takes place in the city of Chisinau and 15 other localities, mostly villages. But that is not all . . .

Summer is also a productive time for the Gospel and we use it to teach as well.

Day Camps

This past summer, our church organized 10 different day camps to teach the Word of God to over 1,000 children. Of the 1,000 kids, almost 600 of them completed a Bible study manual which means that they learned skills to be able to study the Bible for themselves. We plan to organize 5 day camps this fall where we will teach around 500 children.

God is so good to us. The church is growing because the members of the church are walking with the Lord day by day, serving the people around them, and making disciples. We pray that lives will continue to be transformed as people learn to study and apply God’s Word.


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