Update from the Brewers

It has been a whirlwind tour since arriving in the States almost 3 weeks ago. Upon arrival I was able to drive 6 hours to see my mom and spend some time with her (I think she was more interested in my kids 🙂 ) Then I was back in St. Louis to preach at Cornerstone on Sunday at the Russian service. It was great to see old friends there and worship together. Continue reading

Upon the death of my grandfather, Berkley Brewer

Last year in December we lost my father. This year in October we lost his father. In less than one year two great men have gone and we are left to cope. God gives new life to remind us that life is precious and that we are to appreciate and value it. I write this as we await the birth of our 3rd child. God also allows death as a reminder to us of how we are living day by day knowing that one day we will all pass away (unless Christ returns during our lifetime) and have to stand before Him to give an account for how we appreciated this precious gift of life that He has given us. God reminds us of this in His Word over and over and then gives us specific times in life when we are to reflect on “how we are living”. Continue reading

A great week of ministry

One week before loading up and traveling to the States, our church hosted a mission team from the State of Maryland. A team of 8 volunteers traveled from the State of Maryland to serve with us in Moldova for one week. Our initial plan was to have three afternoon Bible clubs in three different villages but God had a slightly different plan. Continue reading