Principles of Leadership from II Corinthians (2)

In our last article on this subject, we saw some good principles of leadership, specifically how a good leader uses every situation to serve the people which he leads. Just as a recap;

  1. Communication is important.
  2. He is comforted by God so that he can comfort those he leads.
  3. He is a servant leader in all that he does.

I would like to dig deeper into this subject today and discover more truths of good leadership based on the way that St. Paul led the church during his days as a servant leader. Today’s text is II Corinthians 1:12-22.

I. His confidence is in the Lord (12)

As a good leader guides the people forward in their faith, he will minister according to God’s wisdom and not his own, or the wisdom and great ideas of the age. There are many books on how to lead, and I am sure many of them are great but the best book on the subject is the Word of God, the Holy Bible. If you are reading book after book that teaches about great leadership and yet do not have time for the greatest book on the subject then you need to rethink your priorities. If you go from seminar to seminar about leadership and the Bible is not the foundational guide for the seminar then you need to rethink your priorities. God’s Word teaches from A-Z on the subject of leadership and It is also the most practical Book on the subject. What is your guide for leadership as you lead people on a daily basis? Is it a book based on the Bible or the Bible Itself? There is a big difference between the two things. A good leader depends on God’s wisdom as revealed in the Bible as his source for leadership. He is confident that the guide he follows is the best there is.

II. He leads with the day of the Lord as his focal point (13-14)

A good leader knows that the people he leads, just as he, himself, are a work in progress. He understands that growth takes time and effort. He teaches them step by step as he was taught step by step. Their understanding of spiritual things and spiritual disciplines comes step by step. He is patient with them when they make mistakes because he understands that he is working for the final outcome, the day of the Lord. The Christian life is a marathon that takes time to unfold. We are learning as we go based on God’s Word. We desire perfection but when there are mistakes made, the good leader is patient with his followers, desiring the best for them, and guiding them in their walk with the Lord until the end. There will be slips and stumbles along the way but the end goal is the focal point, remaining faithful till the day of the Lord. As a leader, he may lose some along the journey of this long marathon but he will not lose heart. He, himself knows that he must be faithful till the end and bring his followers with him.

III. He gives the grace of God to the people (15)

Upon his initial coming to Corinth, he brought the grace of God to the people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ which brought about their salvation. This is the first and foremost manifestation of the grace of God. Once the people are converted and become disciples of Christ and their teacher (the one who brought them the Gospel) then all that the good leader does (his service to them) is based on the grace of God to offer more grace to them. Grace is getting what you do not deserve. We do not deserve the Gospel but God gives It to us. We also do not deserve someone dedicating his or her life to serving us in the Gospel but that is what a good leader does. He builds his life around serving God by serving the people around him. This is how grace is manifested in his life and how he manifests that grace to others. St. Paul had so much ministry to do yet he planned to make sure that he stopped in Corinth yet again to bless the believers there with the Word of God. Do you seek to manifest the grace of God through your life by serving others with your leadership position?

Are these qualities part of your leadership skills? Were they part of your leadership training? I find it amazing that the Word of God gives us all that we need to be able to lead people in spiritual matters. I just wish more Christian leadership training would incorporate the teaching of the Word of God to show the leaders how to draw out these principles for themselves from the Bible. It would revolutionize our leadership training regiments. May the Lord help us be faithful to His Word as we have the privilege of leading His people.



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