More from “Christians” who voted for B. Hussein Obama

I think that you will find this facebook discussion interesting. I commented on a link on how Christians should treat homosexuals.

Erik: Homosexuality is the manifestation of a deeper sin. “I don’t need God. I can do it my own way”

Professing Christian #1: Very nice . . . . If only people could be more open minded like ______ .. A lot more churches would be filled… Hearts would be turned over to Jesus. Sin is sin,,, yours weigh no more or less than mine… He without sin may cast the first stone..

Erik: Calling something a sin is not being judgmental, it is being honest.

Professing Christian #2 : I think we all need to love the sinners (all kinds of sinners), but absolutely hate the sin…

Erik: so true, the problem is that many homosexuals cannot separate the two ideas and think that you hate them. Plus, it is not hateful to point out the dangers of immorality, it is actually helpful and if you truly love as the Bible teaches then you must help those who are hurting themselves.

Professing Christian #2 : You’re absolutely right, as always…

Professing Christian #1 : So if I take your post literally… Erik… It would be my job as a Christian to point out the flaws that I think they have… Or as you would say the bible… Because its helping them …. So the next time you see an over weight person make sure you minister to them… Tell them they are putting food before their good… The next time you see a women or man well dressed .. Please stop and minister to them that children are starving and have no clothes to wear… They are vain and putting their appearance before God… You see Erik We All Fall Short of The Glory Of God! Not just gay people ALL people. Including myself

Erik: I agree, we all have faults and flaws. I just said calling sin a sin is not being judgmental, it is being honest. Jesus did the same thing in the Gospels and we are told to do the same. Homosexuality, just like cohabitation (heterosexual immorality), is a sin as well as a dangerous lifestyle. The problem is, people are not taught the negatives to either. They are just told that it is an “alternative” lifestyle. It is basically propaganda openly taught in society and no one seems to mind it. It just bothers me that it is promoted in the public schools, something that I happen to pay for as a tax paying citizen.

Professing Christian #1 : Government , religion … Taxes… Some want government involved in their religion and then on other parts they want them out….. They want to stop planned parenthood for abortions … On the other hand they don’t want to be forced to pay for contraception in their businesses … This will be a political battle until the end of time.

Erik: so we just give up and allow the next generations to be brainwashed by public education? that is why 6.4 million Evangelicals voted pro abortion, pro gay marriage, pro forced charity. Christians are called to be salt and light. Light exposes darkness (sin) and salt stops decay. Sin causes much decay in society. I am obligated as a Christian to be salt and light.

Professing Christian #1 : I never said give up… You are entitled to your opinion. As are other people who choose to vote as Christians ,non Christians, Muslims, Jews you name it… This is the melting pot of the world! Not every one is going to agree or disagree with you. You have a voice as a Christian as do all of the other people who believe what they believe on their own biblical convictions or non biblical convictions. That is the beauty of the United States of America. You have a choice! — To all the sinners in the world.. Please worry about your own sin, before you go pointing out the sin you think others have…

Erik: You can choose to do what you want but just remember, your choices always have consequences. God allows us to make the choice but He gives the consequence (and that really does not matter if you believe in God or not). In fact, the passage that you refer to when you say “worry about your own sin” I believe you refer to the sermon on the mount Matthew 7, when Jesus says take the log out of your own eye first. He then goes on to say “help your brother get the speck out of his eye too”. Plus, when you sin, not only do you hurt yourself but you also hurt the people around you within society. For example. STD’s impact at least one other person in the act of sexual immorality. Impacting the way b people think about human sexuality has far reaching consequences, especially when you teach people a lie.

Professing Christian #1 : No… No passage was meant … I was just saying it myself. I don’t need to read your link to sleep at night. I have my own personal relationship with my lord and savior. My God is a God of love. He guides me daily. He gives me strength when I am weary. I feel his presence in my life daily. God does give us all a choice… So if I’m one of those Christians you are referring to… Thanks… I will keep on loving… Keep on caring about other people.

Erik: How do you show love to all the human lives that have taken because abortion is legal? Or do they not deserve love? How are you caring for them? By voting for leaders who are pro abortion?

Professing Christian #1 : Me and you obviously don’t agree with major things in life. I am pro-choice. I have yet to see a republican post a plan on what to do with the millions of children that would be born… They only say… You keep that baby… You have that baby… AND THEN WHAT? Who’s going to provide for it financially … Who is going to take care of the mother and pay her bills while she is recovering from having a child she did not want? Who? Who? Oh that’s right we always expect more from someone ELES than we do from our selfs. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOUR Republican party’s financial plan for all these unwanted pregnancies! Oh that’s right they don’t have one…. So I’m pro-sex education! If you have sex use protection … I’m pro-planned parenthood …. Free birth control to teens and adults. But here’s where it gets crazy… You want to take abortions away….and you also want to take away birth control ….. Makes absolutely no sense! Do you want millions of unwanted children or do you want to provide education and free birth control…. Don’t you see… You want it both ways!
If you are on birth control you are pro choice……….. You are taking the decision out of gods hands
If you have a IUD you are pro choice………..
( if you don’t know what it is look it up millions of good Christian women have them)……..
If you use the pull out method, you again are making a choice… You would be pro-choice if you follow any of these b/c plans ….. When you find that plan… The Republican Party plan about what they would do with the millions of unwanted pregnancies … Where all these babies would go.. And how we all are going to pay for them… Please post it… I can’t wait to read!

Erik: Okay, here goes. First of all, I am not a republican voter. I am a values voter since I am a born again Christian I vote according to the values of the Bible. I have to vote pro life because God is pro life. I have to vote pro traditional marriage because God is pro traditional marriage. I have to vote against someone who promotes forced charity (taking your money and giving it away) because God is against forced charity. If you would have read the article you would know all these things :) . You call yourself a Christian and then vote against God’s values. I am a bit confused.

There are other options besides abortion. The best is adoption. There are literally thousands of couples in the USA who want to adopt children. If we based policy on “what do we do with them” then we could murder the elderly because “what do we do with them”. We could murder the disabled because “what do we do with them”. That argument worked in Nazi Germany and the USSR but not the USA (not yet anyway).

If you do not want to raise a child or cannot raise one, there is a simple answer, don’t have sex (especially if you are not married). But, the comprehensive sex ed classes in public schools teach kids that sex is a need like eating and drinking so there is nothing wrong with doing it as long as you attempt to “protect” yourself. The best, and most efficient form of protection is abstinence until marriage and fidelity in marriage but the libs do not want that approach taught. They are open minded to everything except what is best for the people. Then they become the most intolerant people you can imagine. Since 40% of all babies born each year are born to unwed mothers if you practice abstinence until marriage then 40% of the babies would not be conceived (many of which I am sure are unwanted pregnancies). That sounds like a good plan to me. But again, the libs do not want what is best for the people. They would rather teach “fisting” to first graders (actually its 4th graders). Planned parenthood is a money making machine. I am confused, most libs and dems are anti big corporations yet Planned Parenthood is a huge corporation and all dems line up to support it. On the other side of the coin, it is a killing machine.

Sex ed and planned parenthood go hand in hand because as you encourage children to have sex, they will need the services of planned parenthood more often. In the USSR propaganda was king. It is king among the libs and dems in the USA, why? Because when you teach only one part of the equation then you limit the knowledge people have and can control them. When you teach sex ed without teaching the possibility and need of abstinence and fidelity then you only teach one half of the equation and it become propaganda and not education.

You do realize that sex before marriage is a sin, clearly defined in the Bible? Funny thing is, when you give birth control to unmarried teens, you encourage them to sin, is that really loving your neighbor as the Bible defines it?

I see you were born in the 80’s and are probably a product of the pro abortion pro gay marriage agenda of the public school system during the 90’s. I am. I thought all of this stuff was okay because that is all I was ever taught. It was pure propaganda because I was never taught a different view point. I came to my senses once I was born again and began studying the Bible. I realized why sex outside of marriage was and is wrong, the same with abortion and homosexuality. I pray that you will come to your sense and be born again and stop playing church and Christianity. Jesus clearly says that not everyone who calls Him Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. Make sure you are not one of those.

Professing Christian #1 : Wow… You have a high thrown you sit on sir… The last time I checked you are not the king of kings and lord of lords… So come on down…. Your rude, snarky comment are pity to my ears! As for me, I know my savior. For others that don’t , I pray they are spared of your sharp tongue.

Erik: I just shared the issues from a Biblical perspective. Please attack the argument and not the person. That is another lib/dem tactic, attack the person instead of the argument. I pray that you will see reality as it is. It is easy to be deceived, I know because I was at one time. The Bible says that you can know the Truth and the Truth will set you free (from deception first of all)

I am afraid you have your own “savior” instead of the One revealed in the Word of God. It is easier to have your own instead of allowing the One to raise you up to His level. That is why we have so many man made religions in this world.

Professing Christian #1 : Ok… Well please do, pray for me. In no way was I attaching you. Just simply responding to your post. I don’t know you… Yet you proceed to know where my relationship with god stands… Last time I checked the bible, God was the only other that knows where your spiritual relationship stands. I think you feel attached when someone does not agree with you. :)

Erik: Again, we were discussing the points and instead of responding to what I wrote you started shifting and spinning by talking about a high throne and sharp tongue. Please attack the valid points I made. Do you realize that you are using tactics right out of the lib/dem manual? Jesus says that a person reveals what is in his heart by his words. Through your words you have contradicted Jesus Christ on several points. If He is your Savior He also has to be your Lord. Last time I checked contradicting the Master is not the way of the servant :)

Professing Christian #1 : Oh … Ok. I stand by every word I said. You have told me that I have my own savior. ( a false one by your standards). You don’t think your passing judgement on me a bit.. Hummmm… Well anyways, I have far better things to do at the moment. So I bow out of this conversation because its not about winning. I simply came came on the page to watch a video. The video was great. Tim Keller is a very polite well spoken man, who I believe could really bridge the gap between people like you and me:)

Erik: Actually it is a false one by the Bible’s standards. Do you even know the Bible’s standards? Calling sin a sin is not judging. I recommend that you look up the definitions of discernment and judging because they are two totally different things. I am glad to call it quits because the arguments are no longer the central focus. I am praying for you. I know how you think based on what you write because I have been where you are at the moment. Praise God I came to the knowledge of the Truth. Have a nice day.

What are your thoughts?


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