Discipleship and Second Timothy

Having spent several years in a foreign country under the leadership of a mentor has caused me to see the value of Biblical discipleship, being mentored and mentoring others. Because of this experience I believe that living in another country for a significant period of time is almost a necessity for every American Christian living in the United States, especially if he or she has the opportunity to sit under the teaching of a mentor. I say this because I feel that many Christians living in Western society have lost the understanding of the meaning of discipleship, for the most part. Because the Bible was written in and to the Eastern-world with a non-Western world perspective so the idea of discipleship was more easily understood by the readers and writers during the first century. There are a few indicators of this trend that one can see by talking with Christians in average American churches about such things as sitting under the teaching of a mentor, being discipled, suffering for the Gospel, and building one’s life around the propagation of the Gospel. The Apostle Paul taught the importance of discipleship and he also foresaw the loss of significance on discipleship in the lives of future Christians. For that reason, he wrote his last epistle, just before his death. He wrote to his best disciple to pass the torch of discipleship on to the next generation. Paul writes II Timothy to Timothy in order to instruct him on “guarding the treasure” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and “retaining the standard” that goes along with the Gospel. Continue reading