Principles of Leadership from II Corinthians (5)

I want to take a short break from II Timothy and revisit the theme of leadership back in II Corinthians. I love teachings on mentoring (discipleship) and leadership and the Bible is full of both. I pray that my generation will invest in the future generations by showing them how to be good leaders through our example and teaching them to be good leaders based on the principles of the Word of God. Here is a quick recap of the previous lesson.

  1. He does not lord his leadership over his followers.
  2. He confronts and rebukes correctly, not to cause sorrow.
  3. He communicates with his followers for their own benefits. Continue reading

Discipleship and Second Timothy (3)

I would like to continue our study on the topic of discipleship from II Timothy. I addressed the issue of suffering for the Gospel in the last article and you can read it here. As a recap of the previous article, when suffering for preaching the Gospel:

  1. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel.
  2. Do not be ashamed of those who do suffer for the Gospel.
  3. Follow your mentor’s example of suffering for the Gospel. Continue reading