Standing strong in the face of temptation and sin

strong_against_temptationI am preparing to teach lesson 5 from the Bible study “How to make choices you won’t regret” produced by Precept Ministries International. In order to catch us up to speed on the manual, I would like to give a quick review/overview of the previous 4 lessons.

  1. The bad choices that King David made.
  2. The consequences that those bad choices caused.
  3. How David repented when he was confronted because of his sin.
  4. The good choices that King Josiah made.

For the better part of King David’s life, he made great choices. He made a few mistakes but repented of them when he was confronted. He turned away from his sin and allowed God to work in his life. He was called “a man after My own heart” by God, Himself. If a man like David could fall in the face of temptation and sin then we need to realize that any of us may fall at any time. We need to be ready to recognize the attacks of the enemy and defeat him. Sometimes the enemy is the evil one, Satan while others times (most of the time) we are the enemy because of our sin nature. The question is, “what do I do when I am tempted?”. That is what we want to find out. Continue reading

Finding our adequacy in Jesus Christ

As I prepare to lead lesson three from the study, “Lord give me a heart for You” based on II Corinthians, I would like to analyze this lesson and explain its amazingly practical truths for daily living in this article.

The apostle Paul was a great missionary, church planter, pastor, and overall leader during the early years of the Christian Church. He had to deal with a lot of stuff on a daily basis, doing things that had never been done before. He did not have a model to follow or even a manual other than the Old Testament and maybe a few of the Gospels. He was taught directly by Jesus Christ which greatly helped him but mostly he depended on the examples of the great leaders of the Old Testament. As a leader, he had to depend completely on God and not his own adequacy. He knew that in himself and his own strength he was inadequate. He explains that in Romans 7. Paul knew that he needed help and he knew exactly where to turn for that help. In order to be adequate in the Lord, there are certain things that we must do and there are certain things that God must do. We know that God will always do His part so it is up to us to do ours. Continue reading

Cohabitation and Domestic violence

We hear more and more discussions these days about stopping domestic violence. There are many, many campaigns out there that want to “educate” people on the problem of domestic violence and how to stop it. The discussion is very similar to AIDS awareness discussions. They speak of the problem and offer solutions but never address the root of the problem. If you know anything about medicine then you know that if you just treat the symptoms and never get to the root of the problem then the person will never be cured, just becomes dependent on the meds that treat the symptoms. I have written on the subject of cohabitation and you can read it here. Continue reading

Elizabeth Marie Brewer is here!!!

559924_10151139409216976_679004662_nYesterday morning at 10:30, my wife gave birth to our 3rd child, a baby girl named Elizabeth Marie. Elizabeth is my maternal grandmother’s name and Marie is Elena’s mother’s name. Like with our other 2 children, we wanted to choose names with Biblical meaning because people constantly ask what name have you chosen as you go through the pregnancy. We try to use every opportunity to share the Good News of our God with every person we meet so when we share the names that we have chosen we are also able to share the meaning which opens the door to a discussion about God. Here are the names of our other children and the meanings. Continue reading