Hitting the ground running in 2013

On Saturday, 12th of January, Elena the kids and I all arrived in Moldova after close to 30 hours on the “road” home. We arrived at 11p.m. and the next morning, I was up and running to get to church to share a testimony of our time in the States. The church was so happy to have us back. I shared the testimony, finished up the service, and then went straight home and crashed. Later that night, I met with the core of the youth group to get an update of all that they had done and begin planning the next few youth meetings. It was nice to be together again. On the 15th, I attended a blogging seminar led by our senior pastor, Vasile Filat. We studied the Scriptures, evaluated what had been going on in the virtual world, planned activities and articles, and then set out to continue sharing the Gospel through blogging. Since attending that seminar, I have been more active on my own blog and began translating for the site “Christian Moldova” once again after a long pause.

The next day I attended our annual members’ report service at the church. We shared the victories over the past year, how much the ministry had grown, and then the plans for 2013. It was amazing to see how many people studied the Word of God with us in 2012, many of them being nonbelievers.

On the 18th, we had our first youth meeting of the New Year. It was well attended and we challenged the youth to be successful in 2013. You can read the message here. During the service we shared a short video about the youth group’s activities over the Christmas holiday. The youth group participated in 7 different evangelism programs where shoeboxes from Samaritan’s purse were used.

On the 20th of January, Good News celebrated its 4th anniversary. It was well attended. The previous 4 years were celebrated and the plan for the next year was revealed to the church.

On the 23th, I was invited to speak at civics’ class at a high school to present the importance of the church in a democratic society. It was very well received. I shared how the US constitution was based heavily on the Magna Carta and Bible. You can read that lesson here. In fact, it went so well that I was invited to teach during the next period as well.

On the 24th, I met up with a group of youth and we went to the national hospital where we distributed over 700 newspapers in a little over an hour. The people were so open to receiving a gift that day. It was nice to share the Gospel with those who were open for prayer.

This past weekend was very busy. On Friday night we had our second youth meeting of the year. It was not as well attended because of the foot and a half of snow that day that fell. The crowd was still good though, all things considered. The evening was about experiencing God’s existence in our lives. Many of the youth thanked me for the message because they received good arguments to share with their non believing friends. The article can be read here. Then on Sunday, I preached at the church service for the first time since returning to Moldova. I preached on 4 signs to strengthen your faith from John 12. It was nice to be able to share God’s Word with our members again. That message can be seen here. On the 29th (today) I was invited to assist a lesson for 9th graders at a high school. We taught lesson 1 from “What does the Bible say about sex?”. It was a great lesson and the students actively participated from beginning to end. They were surprised to learn that God created sex and blesses it in the confines of marriage. Sex in marriage is not a sin. They were also shocked to learn that pornography and masturbation are both sins according to the Word of God.

Please pray for the following:

  • Thursday Bible study at the same high school. We will be teaching “Some day a marriage without regrets”.
  • Friday night’s youth meeting. The evening’s theme is, “Passionate for God, passionate for success
  • Saturday – Pro family evaluation and planning session where we will make a plan of promoting the traditional family in our modern society.

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