Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

51Df-3FuGALIf you are an English language buff like I am then I want to recommend a good book for you to read and use if you plan on teaching English or ESL. It is a simple read and the difficult concepts are easily explained. The author is C. Edward Good. Yes, it is the “good” book. I use it together with the real “Good” Book, the Bible to teach ESL in Moldova. This is a link to where you can buy the book online.

Why is language important? God chose to use language to communicate with mankind. Language matters to God (who does not need it to communicate btw) and He chose it as His way of communication with us. God invented the spoken and written word to speak with us and communicate with us. He took time to meet with Adam and Eve. Continue reading

Are homosexuals fit parents?

Back in 2005, the APA (American Psychological Association), a once respected organization before being highjacked by the gay agenda, produced a comprehensive study claiming that children raised by homosexual couples were just as likely to be “normal” and lead normal lives as children who are raised by heterosexual couples. This was to be the end all argument that would silence the people who claimed that homosexuality is dangerous for society. Those who promoted homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle instead of a dangerous threat to society began to “dance in the streets” closing the mouths of any opposition with this article. Continue reading

Love or Lust, does it really matter?

I went to teach two eighth grade classes today at our local public high school. I really enjoy teaching these two classes, even though it is very difficult to keep them focused. I teach them once a week during their civics class. Part of the class involves human sexuality so I was invited to teach about the Bible and human sexuality. Today, we covered the story of Amnan and Tamar. Continue reading

Breaking addiction’s devastating grip

breaking_addictionsThis Friday night’s theme for the youth group is about addictions among teens. I want to focus on the psychological addictions such as “being in love”, eating disorders, body image problems, sports addictions, addictions to television and internet, exercise addictions, and sexual addictions. Many times, when addictions are presented and solutions are given, drugs and alcohol, the physical dependencies, are the central focus of the discussion while the more psychological addictions remain in the background.

First of all, we must understand that as fallen people, born into the bondage of sin, we have a tendency to succumb to addictions. The Bible teaches this in several different passages. Continue reading

Biblical Unity

I experienced an amazing sermon yesterday at Good News and I want to share the important truths with my readers. Our Senior pastor, Vasile Filat, arrived home on Saturday from a 2 week seminar in Romania. He continued his series of messages from St. Paul’s epistle to the church in Ephesus. The first 3 chapters of this epistle contain the theological section. Paul sets the foundation for Christian living by giving pure doctrine (teaching or education). He explains step by step why we need to live like Christ. In chapters 4-6, he changes gears to the practical part. In other words, how to live like Christ based on the knowledge that you have acquired from the previous 3 chapters. The message really spoke to me about my daily attitude and actions. I believe that this will help you as well. Continue reading

A Romanian_English Language Lesson

I taught my English class last night and while teaching, I ended up making this chart. I thought it might be helpful for English speakers who want to learn Romanian and vice versa. For those of you who may not love grammar as much as I do, I will define a few terms. The highlighted words in the chart will open a new window with the definition of each one. In each column, the left hand side is English and the right hand side is Romanian. Now, scroll down and take a look at the chart. After you study the chart a bit, we will see if we can put it to practice. Continue reading

The Bible and Dating

the-dating-gameWhen I was a Freshman in college, I read an interesting book that got me to think about the subject of “dating”. I was born in the later half of the 20th Century and all of my life was taught that the idea of dating was normal. Since I did not know of any other way, I just assumed that is the way that things had always been done, since time immemorial. Oh, once in a while the idea of arranged marriages would be presented, but always as something barbaric and very old fashioned. Since we live in a modern world, everything must be done the modern way, because everyone knows, if it is modern, it must be better. That was the mentality that I had. When it came to the Bible, I thought it was just an old fashioned book that was not very relevant to modern man. Little did I know how wrong I was. I had my first “girlfriend” when I was about 10 years old. Continue reading

Boys, girls, flattery, and love oh my

563784_594851230530219_2124705527_nThe picture that you see to the left is a picture that I found on Facebook. I really like the message that is presented in the picture and decided to turn these teachings into an article with Biblical references, since all of these thoughts are actually Biblical teachings. We live in the age of pornography unfortunately, when boys and teens grow up viewing girls and women as objects of pleasure rather than equals, human beings who have great capacity and potential. I have written on the dangers of pornography and you can read it here. Most boys have viewed porn at least once by the time they are 11 years old. This marks them for the rest of their lives. That is why we need to reach out to teenage boys and young men, in order to teach them how to respect women as the equals that they are in the eyes of God. Continue reading

Fighting an inferiority complex

Education-Inferiority-Complex-sample-bannerAs I prepare to teach this Friday night’s lesson, I want to address a need that many young people seem to have in our day and age. It is not a new problem. It is something that people have struggled with all throughout the ages. The problem is a feeling of inferiority. Most teens at one time or another suffer from this complex. I would like to give a Biblical answer to our struggles with inferiority.

Continue reading