A Romanian_English Language Lesson

I taught my English class last night and while teaching, I ended up making this chart. I thought it might be helpful for English speakers who want to learn Romanian and vice versa. For those of you who may not love grammar as much as I do, I will define a few terms. The highlighted words in the chart will open a new window with the definition of each one. In each column, the left hand side is English and the right hand side is Romanian. Now, scroll down and take a look at the chart. After you study the chart a bit, we will see if we can put it to practice.

Practical Examples

  • I am a man. = Eu sunt un bărbat. (this is an example of the subjective case)
  • Would you please give the pen to me. Te rog să-mi dai mie pixul. (this is an example of the objective case)
  • My pen/the pen of mine or That pen is mine./That is my pen. Pixul meu (possessive case)
    • In English, you do not have to worry about gender and number when dealing with the possessive case. Ex. My pen vs. My pens.
    • In Romanian, the gender and number matter very much. Pixul meu (masculine singular) vs. pixurile mele (feminine plural). It is a bit difficult to grasp at first if you are a native English speaker. Some nouns are masculine in the singular form and feminine in the plural.




I I Eu Me Îmi/Mie My/ Mine Meu/Mea/Mei/Mele
II You Tu You Îți/Ție Your/Yours Tău/Ta/Tăi/Tale
III He/She/It El/Ea Him/Her/It Îi/Lui – îi/ei His/His – Her/Hers – Its/Its Său/Sa/Săi/Sale (Lui, the popular usage) – Ei
I We Noi Us Ne/Nouă Our/Ours Nostru/Noastră/Noștri/Noastre
II You Voi You Vă/Vouă Your/Yours Vostru/Voastră/Voștri/Voastre
III They Ei/Ele Them Le/Lor Their/Theirs Lor/Lor

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