Our sin nature loves “religion” (church Bible study on Galatians)

Sunday was a unique service at Good News. We spent the day studying the Scriptures together. Over the last couple of years, a new wave of false teaching has been creeping into the Evangelical Christian world. The teaching is that Jesus Christ is the sacrifice for our sins that gives us salvation but in order to experience true salvation, people must keep certain aspects of the Jewish Law. Because of this teaching, many people have stopped eating pork, not necessarily for health related reasons but as a critical point for salvation. Also, debates have sprung up about which day is the best day to celebrate the Lord’s day, Saturday or Sunday. In other words, which day should church services be held on? In order to clear up these false teachings and end much of the debate, as well as to protect the members of our church, Pastor Vasile decided to dedicate the day to studying the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Galatian churches. This same false teaching was a problem during the 1st Century and Paul had to address the issue. I would like to share some of the main conclusions from what we learned. It was amazing to spend and entire Sunday dedicated to studying the Scriptures as a church family. Continue reading