Church Bible study on choosing deacons

Last night Good News met to have a short Bible study on the characteristics of a deacon because we are in the process of choosing deacons. A church with over 100 members does not have any deacons. We elected a deacon last year but he was then ordained as a pastor to plant a church out of Good News. There was a deacon in the very beginning but he was ordained a couple of years ago to be one of the pastors of our growing church.

I would like to share the truths that we learned last night.

Acts 6:1-6

  • the church is growing
  • people are coming to Christ
  • the process of discipleship is working well
  • there arises divisions among the believers because of the Greek speaking Jews and the Hebrew speaking Jews (both who had come to Christ)
  • the leaders of the church see the problem and understand that they need help in serving so that they (the leaders) can be free to minister to the growing church
  • they bring all the disciples together and share the number of people needed and criteria
  • they allow the church (disciples) to choose the servants (deacons)
  • here is the criteria


  • He must be a person who can preach and teach the Gospel at a moment’s notice
  • See Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7

I Timothy 3:8-13

  • men of dignity (spoken well of, respectable, worthy of respect, a person with a good name)
  • not double-tongued (he is not like a dirty politician who tells everybody what they want to hear, he does not tickle people’s ears with what they want to hear for his own personal benefits)
  • not addicted to wine (or anything anything, porn, internet, power, money, sports etc)
  • not fond of sordid gain (he does not serve in the church just to get money, his motivation is not money, his motivation is people, souls won for the kingdom of heaven)
  • he has a clear conscience (there is nothing to hide in his life, nothing to be ashamed of, there is no double life or mask to hide behind)
  • he holds to the mystery of the faith (he stands on the Word of God, he is led by the Word of God in all that he does)
  • he must be tested first and then he can serve (just to make sure all is okay and there is nothing hidden)
  • husbands of one wife (one wife at a time and also a one woman man, a man who is married to more than one wife at a time cannot serve as a deacon)
  • he must be a good manager of his household and children (children living under his roof, not the grown ones on their own)
  • women can be deacons (see Romans 16) the word translated as “servant” in verse one is the Greek word “diakonos” which is where we get the English word “deacon”.
    • dignified
    • not malicious gossips (sharing private info about others in the form of a “prayer request” with the purpose of defaming the person)
    • she must be temperate (well balanced in all that she does)
    • she must be faithful in all things

These are the qualifications for deacons but they are also the qualifications for a follower of Jesus Christ. Are you living according to what is written in the Word of God or do you believe that this is just for the super saints?


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