Ministry update from Moldova

This has been a busy week on the mission field. I absolutely love serving the Lord day in and day out in the country of Moldova. It is not easy and is quite exhausting most of the time but also so fulfilling.

The week began on Sunday at Good News. The medical team that was to work in a village arrived at church and I was their translator. It was a great service. They shared and encouraged us and then we all prayed for the upcoming week’s activities. They were about to go and work in a village that has a long history of animosity toward the Gospel. God answered our prayers and worked in a mighty way among the people of the village.

On Tuesday, I began the day with teaching a group of 9th graders about how to choose a profession based on principles of the Word of God. The lesson was enlightening. Most of them did not know that Jesus had a profession and were shocked to know how much the Bible teaches about everyday subjects.

After teaching that lesson, I traveled downtown to teach my English class. One of my students is the daughter of an Orthodox priest. She arrived early and I was able to have a good discussion with her about the differences between the Orthodox and Evangelical denominations. She told me that her father had always told her to stay away from “Baptist” Christians, as if we carry a plague or something. She told me that she likes attending Evangelical churches because the Bible is explained. This girl is very open to the Gospel. I pray for her and continue to share the Gospel with her. As the rest of the class arrived, we began to prepare for our English competition which took place last Saturday. I kept telling the students that we were going to win first place. They did not believe me but I insisted on encouraging them. I worked them hard as we prepared.

At the same time, the team was working in the village. On Monday, they were able to pray with the Mayor in his office. They saw over 200 patients in one day. By the end of the week, they were able to minister to 1,500 patients, sharing the Gospel with all of them. They visited families in need and helped where they could. They were able to share the Gospel with over 2,000 people in a week’s time. It was an amazing week. Now we are planning a day camp for kids this summer.

On Thursday, I taught my final English class before the contest. After that, I caught a bus to the other side of town and met up with another youth group and we went to evangelize on the streets. There were about 15 of us. We distributed 375 newspapers in a little over an hour. It was nice to see people out and about and were open to talking about Christ.

On Friday, a good friend from the States arrived to help us with our ministry to orphans. He joined us at the youth group and shared an encouraging testimony with us. After that I preached on the subject of supposed contradictions in the Bible; will children be punished for the sins of their parents? Most of the students came to me and thanked me for the lesson, saying that it was extremely helpful and motivational for them.

On Saturday we had the English competition. There were over 50 participants among 5 different groups. The theme of the competition was “Choose to be a person of integrity”. All the presentations revolved around this central theme. It was neat to see many of the students, who are not born again Christians as of yet, share the important truths of the Gospel via the English language. In all there were close to 100 people present. One of our church missionaries came and preached an encouraging message on integrity based on the life of Joseph. It was amazing. My group was awarded first place (as I told them) and they were so amazed. They all thanked us for the competition. After it was all said and done, I got home around 7pm, after being busy with the competition all day long. It is nice to be part of a team where each person knows his job and works shoulder to shoulder with you.

The next morning, Sunday, I was up and preparing to preach a sermon at the church, “The future of Moldova lies in your hands“. Also, I was blessed to be able to lead my first child dedication service as a pastor. I love to do weddings and child dedication services. It was a great service full of testimonies of God’s amazing work over the past week. All were encouraged and many thanked me for the message.

Now it is Monday morning and I am trying to rest a little before hitting the ground running again. Thank you for your prayers and support. How was your week? Did you spend it serving the Lord?

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