A Month of Day Camps in Moldova

I  do want to apologize for the lack of communication over the past couple weeks. As I share what all I have been involved in, you may realize why I have not had time to communicate more. At the end of May, a team of 5 American college students arrived in Moldova to spend 8 weeks serving the Lord with us in Moldova this summer. Our work was cut out for us because we planned to lead 14 different day camps over a 6 week period. The team had two days to get accustomed to the time change. We met, prayed, and planned the coming weeks and then broke up into different teams. The first week saw us leading 3 camps in 3 different locations (2 villages and 1 city). During that first week we were able to teach God’s Word and share the Gospel with over 200 children. One camp was an English language day camp and another was a softball camp. God blessed our time and many of the children dedicated their lives to following the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the neatest things that we experienced at one of the camps was the fact that 4 of the local Moldovan leaders had been campers last summer and now after a year of growing in their faith, they were helpers and leaders this summer. This is our desire, discipleship. We want to invest in kids and teens who can then turn around and invest in others. Thank you for your prayers.


The second week brought on some obstacles. We were invited to lead a day camp at the school where our church meets yet over the course of the previous month, one of the teachers began to speak negatively against us, trying to stir things up where there was nothing to stir. Her catching point was proper documentation. We had the proper documents from the previous summer yet we did not know that they had to be renewed. When I went to get stamps of approval, the minister of education informed me that our papers were expired and that it would take a month for them to be renewed. The problem was, the camp was to begin in a week. We prayed and went to work. God provided the proper documents and approval in a week’s time. We were so excited. The minister was shocked that things moved so quickly. Of course we explained why things moved so quickly because we have good connections with friends in “high” places. Also during the second week, we were able to lead a day camp in a neighboring village to the village that we worked in during week one. It is a new opportunity for a church plant in a village where there is no Evangelical church.


By the end of our 6 week marathon, we led 14 day camps in 14 different locations, half of which were new locations where we have never organized a camp before. We pray that these will be the first steps to new church plants. Over 1,000 children and adolescents studied the Word of God over the 6 week period.  Our prayer is that the seeds that were planted will bring forth great fruit at the right time.


Please pray for us as we prepare to serve at the English summer camp that will begin on the 17th of July. After the English camp, we will finish planning the youth camp that will begin on the 5th of August. Please pray for the teens and young adults who will come to these 2 camps, that they will receive the Word of God with meekness. Also, please pray for us to plan everything well and have strength to get everything done.

How has your summer been so far? I would love to hear how you have been serving the Lord.

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