Principles of Leadership from II Corinthians (9)

A new day brings about a new lesson on leadership from the mind and pen of St. Paul. I was pleased to renew my article writing yesterday on this subject so dear to my heart, leadership. It is a privilege for me to share this information with my readers because it causes me to revisit my notes from II Corinthians as well as reevaluate my own leadership tools.

Yesterday we learned that a good leaders . . .

  1. Does not give up when facing difficult challenges
  2. Does not sugar coat the Truth
  3. Does not preach and promote himself, instead, he preaches God’s Word and God’s power Continue reading

Should you be forced to endorse gay marriage if it is against your conscience?

I came across this article today and thought it would be good to share with you. The people who embrace and promote the homosexual lifestyle claim to want freedom of choice while, at the same time, promote laws that would limit the choices of people who may not agree with the homosexual agenda and lifestyle. This response is well thought out and specifically for a person who does not know if he should be forced to endorse gay marriage just because of his business. I really enjoyed the answer and I think that it is very thought provoking. Continue reading

Principles of Leadership based on II Corinthians (8)

I began writing these posts back in the Fall of last year while I was in St. Louis awaiting the birth of our 3rd child. I was invited to lead a small group Bible study with a group of Romanians living in the Metro area. They were studying “Lord give me a heart for You“. As I was preparing to teach, I was motivated to share these principles with my readers. I hope that they have been helpful to many.

At the moment, I am leading a session in Poland and we are also studying this same devotional series based on II Corinthians. God has motivated me to continue developing this theme. The previous articles can be seen here. Continue reading

Session on Pastoral care (leadership) in Poland

I have had the privilege of leading God’s people in a great study over this past week here in the Northeastern part of Poland. Elena and I traveled two days with our three children to get here. It was an adventure that started off in Moldova, took us through Ukraine and then in to Poland. Our trip itself was eventful. Ten minutes into the trip I hit an unseen piece of metal pipe that punctured our rear tire. The Lord was good as always and we were 10 feet from a tire repair station. I would have had to take all of the luggage out of the back to get to the jack in order to put on the spare. The man at the tire station brought his equipment and was able to repair the tire for a reasonable fee. After that 45 minute delay, we were off again. The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful except for the fact that we could not find our way out of 2 Ukrainian cities. We left on Thursday morning and arrived at the church on Saturday morning 12:00 A.M. It was a long but fun trip. Continue reading

Two more summer camps down

I had the privilege of spending 20 amazing days at two different camps during July and August. It was a wild ride leading and the whole thing left me exhausted like no other time in my life. In fact, after the first camp, I almost ended up in the hospital because of extreme fatigue. I left church on a Sunday morning and headed to the hospital because I was experiencing dizzy spells. When I called my friend who is a cardiologist, she told me to go to the emergency room right away because I was demonstrating some early warning signs of a heart attack. I went and did all the tests and discovered that I was fine. My heart rate was slow and slowing down to let me know it was time to take a break. The doc suggested that I take a few days off. I took one day off and then I went to a week long festival for all of our leaders. I was refreshed physically and spiritually there and gained the needed strength the lead the next camps.

The English camp

This was my 13th summer to lead at our annual English summer camp. We had about 200 students attend the English camp, along with about 50 public school teachers. I met some awesome people from several different States in the USA who came to serve with us. Volunteers came from MS, MO, NC, TN, LA, and VA. There were 15 countries represented at the English camp. I had 4 of my English students attend camp. I was very excited because 3 of them had yet to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. The two main studies were “Someday, a marriage without regrets” written by Kay Arthur which was studied by the advanced students and the Gospel of John for the beginner and intermediate students. God worked in a mighty way and over 30 people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. My two non born again students did not make a decision to follow Christ but they were very impressed by all the things that they learned from the Word of God. I was able to build some good relationships and all of my students want to continue studying in the Fall once school starts back. I am very excited about that and pray for new students as well.

The Youth camp

After the festival was over, I had one day to go home, see my family, and then prepare for the youth camp which started on the 5th of August. First we picked up the American team from GA who came to serve with us at the camp. We chose “Lord I want to know You” as the study for the youth camp. Upon arrival we were greeted with many trials and obstacles. We had 130 campers registered and to our surprise, 150 showed up. Together with the campers and leaders, there were 190 people at camp the first day. We only had portions for 150 🙂 . We managed and God blessed us with an amazing camp. More than half of the campers were non born again. After 5 days of intense study, we gave a call to repentance one night and 15 students came forward and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. We let two days pass and on the final night of camp, around the campfire, we had another call to repentance and 20 more accepted the invitation. By the end, 35 new souls had their names written in the Book of Life. We were amazed at God’s goodness. The trials and obstacles actually worked toward the furtherance of the kingdom of God. One day we played a game with the entire camp and some of the conditions were to go into the near by village and share the Gospel with people as well as do random acts of kindness. It was great. Even the non born again students liked the game. The camp was also blessed to have the best live Christian band in Moldova as the praise band for the camp, Not an idol. On the final night of camp they held an awesome concert. One of the conditions for them to be at camp was that they do the Bible study with us. They had such a great time and we challenged them to write new songs based on what they were learning. One of the songs that they wrote will be a future hit once they record in professionally. They wrote it based on lesson one of the study. You can hear it here. Continue reading