Session on Pastoral care (leadership) in Poland

I have had the privilege of leading God’s people in a great study over this past week here in the Northeastern part of Poland. Elena and I traveled two days with our three children to get here. It was an adventure that started off in Moldova, took us through Ukraine and then in to Poland. Our trip itself was eventful. Ten minutes into the trip I hit an unseen piece of metal pipe that punctured our rear tire. The Lord was good as always and we were 10 feet from a tire repair station. I would have had to take all of the luggage out of the back to get to the jack in order to put on the spare. The man at the tire station brought his equipment and was able to repair the tire for a reasonable fee. After that 45 minute delay, we were off again. The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful except for the fact that we could not find our way out of 2 Ukrainian cities. We left on Thursday morning and arrived at the church on Saturday morning 12:00 A.M. It was a long but fun trip. Continue reading