A week worthy of the Kingdom

I am not sure how you spent the last 168 hours of your life but I do know how I spent mine and I would like to share what happened to me with you. I would like to begin with a quote from Jesus Christ, in His famous “Sermon on the Mount“:

33 But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition. (Matthew 6:33, Bible in Basic English)

What was your first care this past week? What did you spend the majority of your time doing? What motivated you to get out of bed every morning? Was your first care really the kingdom of heaven or was that on your “around to it” list?

I spent the week with 8 awesome missionaries from Southern Maryland. They spent their vacation time with me and over 1,000 Moldovans who desperately need the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We spent the majority of those 168 hours on the front lines, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as teaching God’s Word. The Great Commission was taking place before our very eyes. God’s message made its way to the hearts of atheists, Orthodox nominal christians, agnostics, and Muslims. The power of God’s Word was seen and felt by all. Many children who do not receive love and attention because their parents are migrant workers in other countries, they were touched by the love of God through these 8 missionaries as well as via the Moldovan missionaries who joined our team. We taught over 500 children how to follow God the way that the father of our faith, Abraham did. Many people made life altering, and eternity altering decisions this week.

Please pray for us as we begin the process of discipling those who accepted the message and that we would continue reaching out with the love of God and the life changing method of salvation. We have our work cut out for us.

Please let me know how you spent your 168 hours seeking first the kingdom and investing in heavenly treasures.

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