Overcoming Fear L3 part II

As I shared in the last post, when we receive God’s wisdom and walk in a personal relationship with Him then we are able to overcome our fears. When we reject God’s wisdom then we walk as fools, overcome by our sins leading us to a meaningless life full of fear and regrets. The second half of this lesson teaches us how to stay connected to God so that we can be victorious instead of controlled by fear and sin.

God knows about our weaknesses, our tendencies to turn away from Him and rely on our own understanding and wisdom while living out our days on this earth. In fact, this is generally what our cultures teach us. Do it on your own. Do it your way. Whatever you think is best is what you should do etc. God took preventative measures and shared the key to success in His Word.

Your relationship with God begins in His Word

God took the time and put forth great effort in order for us to have a form of communication that we could understand to get a glimpse of who He is. He chose to communicate with us in written form and then had that Word preserved throughout the centuries.

14 “When you enter the land which the LORD your God gives you, and you possess it and live in it, and you say, ‘I will set a king over me like all the nations who are around me,’ 18 “Now it shall come about when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself a copy of this law on a scroll in the presence of the Levitical priests. 19 “It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the LORD his God, by carefully observing all the words of this law and these statutes, 20 that his heart may not be lifted up above his countrymen and that he may not turn aside from the commandment, to the right or the left, so that he and his sons may continue long in his kingdom in the midst of Israel. (Deuteronomy 17)

The leaders (parents in the home) in society are to be the examples for the people to follow. As leader, the Israelite King was to write out his own personal copy of the Word of God and then ready from that copy ever day and lead the people based on what was written in God’s Word. When you stay connected to the Word of God on a daily basis then you learn who He is and you will learn to respect Him more and more each day. That attitude will be passed on to the people around you so that when they face difficult times, they will not fear, instead, they will look to you as an example and you will point them to the source, God’s Word. This keeps the leaders humble as well as the people because they see their constant need for God and His wisdom. This way of life will be passed on from one generation to the next in the private and public areas of life. The authority figures at home will be an example and the authority figures in society will be an example. Unfortunately today, with each passing generation, we are removing more and more of the Word of God from daily life. A few generations ago, the Word of God was removed from the public schools yet still taught in the home. But, with the passage of time, the Word of God is being taught less and less at home. The church became the last refuge, yet, increasingly in our society saturated with modern psychology, even the church is moving away from teaching the Word. We are becoming more and more like Israel during the time of Josiah, when the Word of God had been completely forgotten for several generations.

The Word of God must direct every part of your life

10 Then Moses commanded them, saying, “At the end of every seven years, at the time of the year of remission of debts, at the Feast of Booths, 11 when all Israel comes to appear before the LORD your God at the place which He will choose, you shall read this law in front of all Israel in their hearing. 12 “Assemble the people, the men and the women and children and the alien who is in your town, so that they may hear and learn and fear the LORD your God, and be careful to observe all the words of this law. (Deuteronomy 31)

First, the Word of God must be brought back to the family. The fathers and mothers of our nation must be on the front lines when it comes to teaching the next generation to depend on God. The church must get reconnected to the source again as well. Finally, the Word of God must be reintroduced to the public arena. God’s Word is not something shameful that should only be whispered about in church buildings. It is the source of life and if a society is to flourish then the people must feed on the source of life daily, at home, at work, at school, in church, on vacation, literally everywhere. When this happens, people’s lives are transformed and they no longer fear because they learn to depend on the One who holds all circumstances, even the future, in the palm of His hand.

What are you going to do to impact this generation and the generations to come with the source of life? Will you continue to excuse yourself by saying that “I cannot” or “well, it is illegal”, or will you be radically bold the way that Jesus was and go against the grain of the culture and do what is right, bringing life to the people around you? I have chosen to overcome my fears and feed on this Word daily, as well as doing everything that I can to get this Word in the minds and hearts of the people around me. May God bless you and help you be “strong and courageous” as Joshua was.

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