Discipleship and Missions

In March, our church is organizing and hosting a Missions’ Conference. We want to motivate our members and the people of our community to get involved with missions both locally and globally. God is all about missions. He was the first missionary, going to the lost in the Garden with the message of salvation. He entered human history once again almost 2,000 years ago as a missionary in the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that we have a lot to learn about missions from Jesus. I would like to share these thoughts with you here. I will teach a track for children and for teens during the conference so I would like to think through the process here and share it with you so that I can better prepare my thoughts. The idea behind missions and discipleship is missionaries who are disciples of Christ who seek to make disciples who will make more disciples. In order to better understand Jesus’ mission, we need to read Matthew 4:17-25. Continue reading

Mentoring; Mordecai and Esther

As I continue to teach my staff about the subject of mentoring, we come to Esther the brave. She was mentored by her uncle Mordecai. Being mentored by him changed her life and ultimately impacted an entire nation. When God has us mentor people He has the big picture of eternity in mind. He is not limited in time and space as we are. He will use us to impact one person who can bring about the transformation of history. If Abraham would not have been interested in being mentored by God, the nation of Israel would not have been formed, the Messiah would not have been born and we would not be able to receive salvation today. I do believe that God is sovereign and He could have and would have used someone else but, just imagine how different the world could have turned out if one man would not have been willing to be mentored?

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Samuel and the importance of knowing God

As I sit and think through what I want to teach next Sunday morning during children’s church, I cannot help but be in awe of how clear the Word of God is and how practical too. We live in an age when people call the Bible an outdated Book, old fashioned, irrelevant etc. while at the same time, those same people embrace some of the most devastating worldviews imaginable. It saddens my heart to see so many people deceived by the lies of the evil one, repackaged over and over again. As people, we are not born knowing God. I mean, we know that He or something greater than ourselves exists out there and created everything but we do not know who He is. He has to be discovered, revealed to us. The boy Samuel was no different. He came to know God and it impacted his life profoundly. I would like to share his story here and then see how it applies to the 21 Century person as well. Continue reading

Working together to build on God’s Foundation

The final lesson that we studied for our weekend staff retreat was I Corinthians 3. As we have seen from the previous lessons, God is interested in the quality of our work and not just the quantity.

I. The Lord’s servant must know his calling

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Mary and Martha

christ-teaching-martha-and-mary-anton-dorphHow is it that two people who knew Jesus could both serve the people around them yet Jesus rebukes one and praises the other? Have you ever wondered why Martha was annoyed and bothered by the very people she was serving? Do you serve in the church or in the ministry? What motivates you to serve and what kind of attitude do you have? Have you ever thought about WHY you do what you do? What is your attitude like when you serve? Do you know how to serve, when to serve, why to serve etc. ? Christ teaches us how to serve, when to serve, where to serve, why to serve, and what kind of attitude we should have. Let’s open up God’s Word and discover truth for ourselves.

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The Vine and the branches

After teaching about the sower and the seed, I led our group in a study on John 15, learning exactly what Jesus had in mind when He spoke of producing “fruit”. Many people see the word “fruit” and just assume that it refers to the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians. It is not a bad assumption but in this case, as in Matthew 13, it is the wrong assumption. Jesus is very clear on the subject of what the fruit is in Matthew 13 as well as in John 15. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn.

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The parable of the sower and the seed

I had the privilege this past weekend of leading our children’s staff retreat. It was awesome to spend the weekend with people who love the Lord. We had many activities planned for the weekend and a lot to accomplish. I was excited because we had 2 nights and a full day to spend in God’s Word growing together as a team. I prayed for a long time about what to teach while we were there. The first study that came to mind for the first meeting was Matthew 13, Jesus Christ’s parable of the sower and the seed. This is an intense study that makes you evaluate your walk with the Lord. God blessed our time as He searched our hearts through His Word. I would like to share the truths that we learned, with you in this article. Continue reading

Mentoring according to God’s Word

As I prepare to teach a lesson to my staff tomorrow, on mentoring, I just wanted to think through the process and write out what I want to teach. I love the practicality of God’s Word and I love teaching it to others because, as a teacher, I get to learn the material twice.

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Leading Children to faith in Christ

Because of a scheduling situation, this lesson will not actually be taught during our children’s service this month but I do want to write about it so that it can be a resource for others to use. Over the past two weeks, we have been dealing with the topic of godly friendship based on examples from the Word of God. We looked at Jonathan and David’s godly friendship, learning how to be a godly friend to others. After Jonathan and David’s example, we looked at the example of Daniel and his 3 friends, learning how godly friends can influence us and help us make godly choices. This week we want to learn how to lead another person to faith in Jesus Christ, since, that is the reason we befriend others and serve them in the first place. Our desire is to introduce our friends to the Friend who changed our lives.

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Daniel chooses wisely because of godly friends

I am getting ready to teach on the life of Daniel and the choices that he made. Last week we looked at godly friendship based on the relationship between Jonathan and David. You can read that article here. Godly friends influence us in godly ways helping us make godly choices in life. Daniel had a similar situation in his life. He was placed in a situation where he had to choose between doing what God’s Word teaches or what everyone else around him was doing. Daniel made the right choice and God rewarded him. What can we learn from Daniel’s story? Continue reading