Immigration and the Bible

I know, I know, many think that religion and politics do not mix. Those same people usually do not realize that before modern politics ever came on the scene, God’s Word spoke loud and clear on important subjects. Just to give a few examples, long before the pro choice pro life debate, God spoke clearly on the right to life. You can see it in His Word. To claim that your religious convictions should have no place in the pro life pro choice debate is ludicrous. This debate was settled long ago by God, way before modern politics tried to highjack it. The same goes for same sex marriages. God defined marriage as being between one man and one woman from the very beginning. He also condemned homosexuality (along with all the other sexual sins practiced by people today). The final verdict stands on immigration. Many claim that the Bible speaks of no such issue (just like they claim that the Bible does not mention abortion, He does by describing the act instead of just using a word because we can manipulate words too easily). Although you will not find the word “immigration” in the Bible, there are some principles taught in the Bible that would apply to immigration. Continue reading