Daniel chooses wisely because of godly friends

I am getting ready to teach on the life of Daniel and the choices that he made. Last week we looked at godly friendship based on the relationship between Jonathan and David. You can read that article here. Godly friends influence us in godly ways helping us make godly choices in life. Daniel had a similar situation in his life. He was placed in a situation where he had to choose between doing what God’s Word teaches or what everyone else around him was doing. Daniel made the right choice and God rewarded him. What can we learn from Daniel’s story?

I. It is good to be taught the Word of God when you are a child

Daniel was probably around 14 or 15 years old when he was taken captive by the Babylonian Empire. His parents were probably killed. He was taken as a slave to the King’s court in a distant land to live in a foreign culture. He was taken along with a group of his friends who had grown up with him. When they arrived in the new land all of the customs were different. The language was different. The education was different. It was a land full of people who did not worship the One True God. They were pagans and lived like it. Daniel had been taught the Word of God by his parents during his childhood. Now mom and dad were no longer there to supervise. Usually when teens are not supervised by an authority figure, they get in trouble and do things that they know are wrong. Just think of your days in college and you will remember what happens 🙂 . Anyway, Daniel’s parents had taught him the Word of God and now came the time to apply it. He had to choose either to obey what he had been taught or disobey. No one would know, other than he and God. He chose to do what was right because his parents had taught him when he was young. The temptation was there because most of the other boys gave in to that temptation and went against God’s Word. Are you teaching your children how to study the Bible so that if you are not around when they are older, they will still follow God’s ways? Or, are you just leaving it up to chance?

II. Daniel had godly friends who influenced him for good

Daniel was not alone in his decision. There were some other boys who joined in with him. They decided to stick together and do what was right no matter what. They knew their God and that He would protect them if they obeyed Him and did the right thing. The friends that you have will influence you no matter what. The important thing then is to choose friends who will influence you in a positive way. Daniel chose good friends who were willing to be obedient to God no matter what. He could have had friends among the other boys who gave in to temptation and they may have influenced him to disobey God. But, because he had godly friends, they encouraged him to obey God and they joined in with him even when no one else would do it. Do you have godly friends in your life who influence you in a positive way? Do you seek to be a godly friend who influences others in a positive way?

III. God honors those who make godly choices

Daniel was honored for his good choice. In fact, God allows Daniel’s name to go down in history, along with his 3 friends while all the other boys who disobeyed God have all been totally forgotten. Did you know that God honors us when we make good choices and obey Him? Daniel was able to have a positive influence in the lives of others. Because of his choice to obey God, Daniel was allowed to stand before 4 different kings and 2 different empires and share about his God. Isn’t that amazing? God truly does honor those who obey Him by making good choices. In order to obey God, you must know what He wants. If you want to know what God wants then you must open the Bible and begin to study It. As you do, God will show you step by step what His desires are for you. As you get to know God through His Word, He will lead you to godly friends who will influence your life in a positive way and also cause you to be a positive influence in the lives of others. Are you ready to be like Daniel?

May God bless us as we learn to know Him through His Word, seek godly friends, make godly choices, and positively influence the lives of the people around us.

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