Samuel and the importance of knowing God

As I sit and think through what I want to teach next Sunday morning during children’s church, I cannot help but be in awe of how clear the Word of God is and how practical too. We live in an age when people call the Bible an outdated Book, old fashioned, irrelevant etc. while at the same time, those same people embrace some of the most devastating worldviews imaginable. It saddens my heart to see so many people deceived by the lies of the evil one, repackaged over and over again. As people, we are not born knowing God. I mean, we know that He or something greater than ourselves exists out there and created everything but we do not know who He is. He has to be discovered, revealed to us. The boy Samuel was no different. He came to know God and it impacted his life profoundly. I would like to share his story here and then see how it applies to the 21 Century person as well. Continue reading