Does Jesus really tell us not to call anyone teacher?

I had the opportunity to study Matthew 23 this weekend and I would like to share some of the insights that I gained with you via this article. I have heard some people claim that it is not biblical to call someone other than Jesus your teacher or leader. I was not sure where that idea came from but I had heard people give chapter and verse where Jesus had “taught” that. Continue reading

Moses’ family

During the month of March, Big City Clubhouse is focusing on families. We want to encourage all of the children that God knows their situation, that He created the family to be a positive influence in society, and that He can intervene in any familial situation and use it for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. During the month of February, we focused on knowing God and how that impacts our daily lives, especially the way that we treat others. Here are some of the lessons that we covered. Continue reading

Mentoring your own children

Today, I am preparing to teach my staff the last lesson on mentoring. It has been a great ride. We have learned how to be mentored, the need for it, and how to mentor others. This final lesson covers the most important mentor/disciple relationship, parents and children. The number one influences and teachers in a child’s life are his parents. This is God’s design. The good thing about our God is that when He asks us to do something, He always teaches us how to do it in His Word. Our job is to discover those teachings, learn them, live by them, and apply them. Here are the passages where these teachings come from. Continue reading

Elizabeth mentors Mary, the mother of Jesus

Last week with my staff, we continued the theme of discipleship. This series has been awesome, teaching us as believers, how to mentor others by investing in their lives. When Jesus made disciples, He mentored them. He invested in them day and night, teaching them how to know God and follow Him by giving them practical assignments along the way, as they saw Him minister. It was a life changing experience that He wants us to experience and pass on. All people need to be discipled/mentored. This was and is God’s plan. His Word is full of the idea. We have looked at the mentoring experience from many different angles, studying the mentoring relationship between such people as: Continue reading

Zacchaeus: Changed by Jesus to serve others

I am preparing to teach this Sunday’s children’s message and thought that I would share it with you here as I think through the process. The message is about Zacchaeus. This month has really emphasized the fact that we must learn to know God, and when we do get to know Him, our lives as well as our purpose in life, are both forever changed. In order to get to this point, we learned about how Eli mentored Samuel and how Samuel learned to know God and began to serve others because of that knowledge. God used Samuel to impact many lives in a positive manner. In fact, Samuel acted as the final Judge in the history of the nation of Israel. He was used by God to choose the second king of Israel. This past week, we examined the lives of Mary and Martha, learning the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus so that we can be properly prepared to love and serve the people around us. Continue reading