9 comments on “Parasite, Body part, human embryo

  1. Based on one of your statements, I am going to assume that your native language is a Latin based romance language, maybe Romanian. I am beginning to think I know your true identity. I assume that you are writing under a pseudonym. Anyway, to answer your questions:

    1) Yes, I support capital punishment for crimes such as rape and murder. Paying the price for your crime is just. If the murderer does not pay for his crime with his own life then society honors the criminal’s life and values it more than the victim’s life. The victim ends up being victimized twice.
    2) I am sure many drowned, but they did not have to die. Their parents were stubborn and because of their calloused, evil hearts, they mocked God’s warning and paid with their own lives. The problem with sin is that it creates innocent victims. When you sin, not only do you harm yourself, but, you also harm the innocent people around you. Don’t try to blame God for the people’s actions.
    3) Um, I believe that a mother expressed her will when she had sexual relations with the child’s father. She made her choice and has to deal with the consequences. Personal rights also come with personal responsibilities. Wanting rights without responsibilities is an absurd idea which leads to selfish people who do not care about hurting innocent victims.

  2. Capital punishments eliminates repeat offenders in the area of rape and murder. It is an awesome deter. Think. Rapists are seldom one time offenders. They are usually multiple offenders when it comes to rape. That would be eliminated over night. Again, think for yourself instead of regurgitating tired old talking points.

  3. I do not live in a theocracy. Putting to death homosexuals was to be done under God’s theocracy with Israel. In the New Testament, God teaches that homosexuals will put themselves to death with the disease the pass back and forth to each other.

    As far as a murderer is concerned, when a person takes the life of another person and does not pay with his life, society values the life of the criminal above the victim.

    Plus, you have a clear double standard in being against the death penalty and for abortion.

  4. I have answered everything with logic and reason. You have shown us that you do not accept logic or reason.

    • Oh, so you hold to the view that the ancients were ignorant, I suppose you believe Plato and Socrates to be ignorant too, right?

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