The full armor of God: the breastplate of righteousness

AH3851-09_LRG_0_soAs I prepare to continue teaching on the full armor of God, this week I want to explain the importance of the breastplate of righteousness. Last week we took a look at the belt of truth, the key piece to the full armor of God. The belt is what every other piece of equipment attached to as well as provided stability and balance for the soldier. Without the belt, the soldier was doomed to a quick defeat. The belt of truth is the Word of God which teaches us about all of the other pieces of armor and enables us to use them. As believers, we must keep the belt of truth, the Word of God with us at all times by meditating on the Word of God day and night. We study It, think about It, and talk about It. The Word of God corrects us and keeps us on the right path. Now, I want to shift our focus to the righteous lifestyle that God gives us and why it is so important. Continue reading